You it does not get lost because

You might know that email traffic converts well and it
performs even better when you have a targeted email marketing list.

In fact,

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If done properly, email marketing has massive returns on
investment of more than 3800%.

But why to build a targeted email marketing list?

You can use mass mailing or do spamming with email blast.
Even, you can buy an email list.

But it can hurt your business in a long-term.

(Yes, I have one that contains around 56,000 leads.
However, I have never used a single time.)

For a sustainable business model, you should build your
own list that’s targeted.

Building a targeted email is also known as permission
marketing. Because it’s like someone has said: I want to receive your email
communication and you can send me that whenever you schedule.

Do you know, a normal internet user (your potential
customer) checks his/her mailbox 5 times a day on an average.

Moreover, unlike most of other marketing channels, email
is personal similar to text/call. So, it does not get lost because you are
offline for a while and goes directly to your inbox.

This makes the process of attracting visitors to become
your leads and converting them into customers ridiculously easy.

Plus, by investing a tiny budget, you can automate the
entire process.

Now, the important question…..

How to build a targeted email list to improve your
website traffic and make more money?

You don’t just need email subscribers to inflate your

Do you?

You need followers who will engage with your contents,
click your CTAs, buy from you and refer more people to your product/services by
sharing your content or spreading a word of mouth.

Am I right?

And, you can do that all in just 5 simple steps?

Here in this article, I have shared a complete
step-by-step guide for action-takers who want to see some good results by
taking some efforts in a right direction.

Are you an action-taker?

Go and read this post and get to know how to build an
targeted email list and monetize it to create a solid income stream.



Build targeted email list

If you really want to build a list for email marketing
that converts, you should know how it works, which tools and services you
should consider to buy, how to create opt-in forms to capture leads and how to
automate the entire process to save yourself from manually checking your admin
dashboard every time.

Though many people claim that building a targeted email
list is quite an easy task, but it isn’t.

For the beginners learning phase as an integral part of
their email marketing business.

So here I am going to share a step-by-step tutorial to
get a ton of visitors who trust you and would by your recommended

The entire process is divided into 5 steps for better
understanding of email marketing process.

Step 1: Get to Know about Email Marketing Basics

Almost everyone of you have used Gmail/Yahoo/Rediffmail
at least a single time in life to send and receive an email.

It’s like sending an SMS from your phone.

But email marketing has evolved tremendously and you can
see different advanced technologies and techniques are being used nowadays.

Right from picking a reliable and affordable email
marketing service to advanced automation and segmentation needs a deep study of
various factors.

For Example,

If you are a nutrition consultant and you have a blog
related to health and nutrition, you can develop a targeted email list.

But first of all, you need to pick a good opt-in form as
well as an email marketing service, and integrate with your website.

Plus, you need to setup various targeting options to
create different list according to visitors’ behavior.

The next part is automation for lead nurturing and
improving the engagement.

Here, you’ll need to know how to write email subject,
copy and overall optimization including different tags and work-flow may
confuse you.

Lastly, when people impress with your emails and decide
to return to your website or purchase from you/your affiliate link, how you make
them comfortable and easy to navigate is also important thing in your campaign.

Finally, analyzing the campaign and measure ROI make this
process complete.

However, you should not stop there, email marketing is a
continuous process and if you are offering value to your customers, definitely
it will bring you a long-term and stable business even you have a small
targeted list compare to the large mass-mailing database especially used for
email blasts/spams.

I know it’s not easy to digest at very first time.

So, you can get a completely free email marketing course
to learn the basics of email marketing.

Or, you can go with Advanced Email Marketing course build
for intermediates and pro-level marketers to improve their metrics and ROI.

Step 2: Pick a Reliable Email Marketing Service

Yes, you’ll need a perfect email marketing solution to
build your list faster.

Currently, there are more than hundreds of major
companies providing email marketing and automation services.

MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber and ConvertKit are a few
of them.

However, you can go with any email marketing service
depending on your requirement and budget.

Today, almost every company offers free trial for its
services and you can test a few of them to know the best fit.

If you ask me, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, SendinBlue and
MailerLite are really good options to start for free. 

Otherwise, you can choose any premium email service to
get advanced features like automations, workflows, segmentation and
personalization, etc.

For premium email marketing service, I would recommend
the GetResponse for Beginners which is easy to use and affordable than many
other services.

While ConvertKit is great option for advanced marketers.

I’m going to explain a bit more about all email services
I have mentioned in this article.

Free/Freemium Email Marketing Services


If you are a blogger or
email marketer, it’s hard to believe that you haven’t heard about MailChimp.

Actually, MailChimp is one
of the most popular email marketing service in the world. It offers you free
platform to save your email contact and send emails up to 2000 subscribers and
12000 emails/month.

It also offers API support
to automate your list building. However, for advanced automation and remove
sending limits you need to upgrade to one of its premium plan.


When I started blogging
before a couple years, MadMimi is the first email marketing service I have

It’s super user-friendly and
reliable email marketing solution with some good features.

However, it offers to save
only 100 Contact for free and after that you need to upgrade to premium plans.


SendinBlue is another good
company offering a free platform for email marketers.

You can save up to 2000
email subscribers and send 9000 emails/month with their free plan.

Now there are two other
companies that offer free email solution with automation.


Yes, MailerLite And Drip are
two well-known email services that currently offer free plan with automation


The first best thing about
MailerLite is that you can unlimited emails per month up to 1000 subscribers
and you won’t we charged a single dime.

It’s insanely easy to
integrate as well as offers advanced autoresponder with it’s free plan so you
can save yourself from getting trapped in some expensive service with their
free trial bait.

MailerLite advanced
automation and segmentation helps to build a targeted email list easily and if
you start getting a ton of subscribers, the upgrades are also really affordable
than competitive services in the market.

I have used it and not
seeing any problem to recommend it. However, you can choose any that suits for
your business needs.


If you are a performance
marketer and really want to master email marketing to create a stable residual
income, no any service can beat Drip.

It’s a quite expensive
service but really worth every penny you invest. If you are dedicated and
really want to focus on email marketing, Drip can help you a lot.

Though it’s a premium
service, you will get a complete automation suit from Drip from up to 100 email
contacts. However, you’ll need to verify your credit card to avoid fraudulent
activities at front end environment.

Premium Email Marketing Services


It’s a really good service
and VFM to every dollar you spend.

GetResponse offers different
plans according to the clients’ needs starting from $15/1K subscribers to
$165/50K subscribers. You can also request custom pricing for enterprise level

I love GetResponse because
the feature they provide for the price point are often not available in other

These features include
time-based autoresponder (visual and easy to use), Landing pages, webinar
hosting, etc.

Plus, it offers free course
to build a targeted email list in just 3 months.

It’s definitely worth trying
and I would definitely recommend GetResponse to all bloggers and email
marketers who need an easy to use and affordable email list building service.





Once you get familiar with email marketing basics and
want more sophisticated alternative to GetResponse, you can opt for either Drip
or ConvertKit.

I have already talked about Drip but ConvertKit seems a
solid option too.

It’s priced perfectly for bloggers and internet marketers
who sell online courses and digital products with some advanced features.

It may be a little expensive for those who are just
starting out but you can choose any plan depending on your requirements.

Remember, it’s a perfect solution for targeted list
building where you want to sell your own products/promote affiliate products.

But it may cost you a lot and not ideal if you’re
promoting simple campaigns like weekly newsletters and blog post updates only.

My Recommendation

In fact,

You should choose an email service closely related to
your needs and if you haven’t picked one, it’s time to roll on.

Go with MailChimp to learn basics or try MailerLite’s
free plan.

Both options are awesome for who are beginners to email

In case, you really want to create a targeted list in a
short-time, give a try to GetResponse.

However, the seasoned email marketers who want to achieve
significant improvement in their ROI can choose Drip or ConvertKit.

Go signup for any service you like and try to capture
high-quality leads for your list.

I’m waiting to see your amazing results.


Step 3: Get Targeted Email Subscribers

On one of my website (Membership site) I receive 10+ new
leads daily without doing anything and in the last month I got around 450 email
signups for my free membership plan.

Yes, all happened in automatic mode and still continuing.
However, I haven’t started charging any fees.

Yes, at the end of 2018, I’ll have an organic email list
of 5400 people who are targeted and interested in my service/membership plans.

Suppose, I start charging only $2/month, I can earn more
than $10K/month from January 2019.

It’s simple math.

However, I know CVR would affect my earnings but even I
get 10% conversion from that targeted list, $1K/month of passive income isn’t
that bad.

Plus, these results are just organic without investing a
single dollar on paid ads.

Let me pause my story here.

Think how you can build a targeted email list that gives
you at least $500/month in passive income.

Getting targeted email subscribers is more important than
building a mass mailing list that convert very little.

You need to capture email addresses of those people who
really want to buy from you or interested in your offers.

The email marketing service mentioned in step 2 give you
the forms to collect lead information and sync with your list.

You can put these forms to your homepage, blog page or
specially created landing page to create email addresses of interested people.

If you are using WordPress, then it’s easier than ever
before. You can use any good lead generation plugin and integrate with them
email marketing service you have purchased.


You can use different types and location for opt-in forms
and do A/B split test to check what version works the best for you.

If you need a lead generation plugin that integrates with
your email service and works perfectly for any niche site/blog, then Thrive
Leads is the best option available.

It offers various unique features and helps to create
beautiful and conversion focused opt-in forms including scroll mat, lightbox
popups, infobars/notification bards, inline and sidebar widgets and SmartLinks,

It also offers different triggers including exit intent,
behavioral personalization, page scroll and inactivity trigger.

Plus, you can ask people to opt-in for content upgrade or
receive valuable information through email channel.

On another hand, Thrive Leads let you create a conversion
focused landing page where you can ask your potential customer to put their contact
information by offering any kind of value prop or goodies.

What Do I Think?

Love it or hate it; but I can say it works like crazy.

Normally, people stumble upon your webpage and never come

It does not mean they have disliked your content, but they
might forget about you.

So always ask people to join you list by offering some
freebies like a crash course, content upgrade, Cheat sheet, Checklist, Ebook or
video series, etc.

If you use Thrive Leads perfectly and get succeed in
building a pretty good list, then you can send emails to your subscribers
anytime not only to drive traffic but a few conversions/sales too.

There are a few good alternatives to Thrive Leads
including OptinMonster and ConvertPlus but it’s my #1 recommended lead
generation tool for any self-hosted WordPress site.

Step 4: Engage with Your Subscribers (Lead Nurturing)

Normally, when a visitor subscribes or enters his/her
contact information in the opt-in form and click submit option, he/she gets
added to your email list.

Now, your work starts.

If you have promised to give some freebie, then you must
instruct people how to confirm their subscription and get their gift.

Remember, the person is on your list and you can send him
an email at any time but that doesn’t work unless you nurturing them.

You must offer some value before pitching him a sales

Because the key to the effectiveness of email marketing
is trust. And you can build from the engagement.

When I stated blogging I got 15 email subscribers in an initial
month where I was using MailMunch and MailChimp.

However, I was not serious about email marketing then so
I used to send them a random mail once a month.

What happened?

Only a couple of them maybe knowing me because they are
my close friends. But, the rest 13 people might have forgotten who I am.

The people who have never heard from you for a while may forget
though they accepted to receive your email communication and treat it as spam.

So, you should engage your subcribers regularly to keep
them updated and connected.

There is another scenario where people sign up your list
just for downloading freebie and then unsubscribe.

In such cases, you must thank yourself because it’s
better to not having them on your list because they might have polluted your

Because, in most of the cases these people are either spammed
by so-called internet marketers or some of them may be non action-takers who
just sign up your list for a sake of freebies.

However, it’s an opportunity for you to convert them by telling
how valuable your blog/content is.

Here’s a simple process you can follow to build your
targeted list.

First you need all things in place to attract the visitor
to become your lead. Give him a reason to be a part of your list by offering a
special gift.

Sometimes, you should ask people to join to click on

As soon as the visitor fills you form and click on submit
button, direct him to a thank you page.

You can say, it a common in industry, what’s a special

Am I right?

Many people instruct people go to their email inbox and
confirm subscription. It’s necessary to drive that lead to double opt-in before
getting the goodies you have offered to avoid fraudulent activities.

At the same time, you can propose him an irresistible
offer because that particular person is most likely to be targeted and have
strong buying intent.

If that is not possible, then bring him back to your blog
or any other page to keep him engage for maximum duration before leaving your

Actually, it’s a part of strategy and proper execution of
your plan to drive that healthy sequence.

The next part is welcome email.

You need to send a solid value packed email without any
sales offer. It shows that you are not a salesman but a person who cares about

In welcome email should contain a friendly greeting
followed by the freebie you have promised.

In addition, recall them why they have received that
email and benefits of being on your mailing list. i.e. daily/weekly newsletter,
your high-performing posts & curated contents across the web, freebies for
active subscribers, etc.

Now, you can have proper email nurturing sequence to
provide value and sales offers alternatively.

Here email automation services like GetResponse’s time-based
autoresponders are extremely helpful to save your time and efforts in manual

Almost every marketer would agree with that.

However, this step requires A/B testing and in-depth
analysis of different metrics like delivery rate, open rate, CTR and CVR, etc.
to see good ROI from your email campaign and automation.

Remember, you should offer 3X value for every sales
offering. It’ll help you to gain trust and thus more revenue.

The last thing,

Keep your list active and engaged.

Because I found that more than 10% people out of my list
of 15K haven’t engaged more than 3 times in the entire year.

That’s why use proper segmentation and don’t mind to
remove the inactive people from your list who haven’t responded you from last
three months.

Your email subscribers list is one of the most important asset
for your online business.

Even your site goes offline for a while, you can easily
retrieve it back using the mailing list or you can say a loyal community you
have built.

Step 5: Monetize Your Email List

We all know, building a targeted list is not sufficient
to earn money, you need proper strategies for monetization where you are
selling your own fitness products or doing affiliate promotion for Amazon or

It’s just an example, you have a hundred of way to
monetize your list.

You are the first person they want to buy from because
you have gain their trust and continuously providing them value.


Spamming is completely different.

The most of revenue following online through either
selling your own product/service or others.

That’s why decide how you are going to monetize your list
before building one.

If you are a business or an e-commerce company, then you
will have a proper goal.

But for bloggers, affiliate marketers it’s necessary to
find the products/service that convert.

Depending on the audience demographics you can either
choose the high volume or high-ticket sales to earn maximum revenue in return.

Summing Up

In this article, I covered everything that you need to
build a targeted email list and grow it to drive more traffic to your
blog/website and make more revenue.

You have heard: ‘The money is in the list’ for thousands
of times.

Now, it’s your time to take action.

Go get proper tools, build a high converting funnel using
email autoresponder to make a huge targeted list of the email subscribers.

Drive them to your blog, improve your metrics and start
earning more money off your efforts.

I’m sure that you’ve enjoyed the post. So, spare a couple
of minutes to share it with your peers on some of your favorite social accounts.