Xmgt 216 Code of Ethics Essay

Bride Financial Services Code of Ethics * All Employees must ensure they follow all laws and regulations while conducting their business. Laws and regulations are in place to ensure all companies and their employees conduct their business in an ethical manner. * Employees are expected to present themselves in a professional manner as well as behave professionally at all times. * While interacting with customers always be honest and sincere because you are speaking on the company’s behalf. This is extremely important because the actions and words of our company can be binding. Always be respectful while conducting business and interacting with other employees. We have a zero tolerance for any type of harassment or discrimination which can result in termination or even legal actions against you and our company. * Place a high standard in the quality of your work and in the company. Take pride in your work and our company. * Be trustworthy and stand by your word. Always follow through with you work assignments. By always following through with what you say you’ll do or assigned to do it’ll prove you worthy of respect. All employees need to make sure their work area is always clean and professional looking. * All employees should be comfortable to voice their opinions or report any problems and issues without the worries of being disciplined. * One of the most important things is to always ensure the confidentiality of all customers and employees information. We are trusted with their information and need to prove why we can be trusted by placing a high standard on the security of all information.