WWI and those who have suffered loss

WWI Research ProjectRed Cross By Sara WissaB9Volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross worked to keep Soldiers healthy and comfortable. You did not have to be somebody’s mother the knit a  pair of warm socks!”Prentice Hall America History Of Our Nation Book.”¨The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is an international humanitarian organization that helps people who are affected by wars and disasters.While it often cooperates with government agencies, it remains an fair organization not part of any national government.¨ ¨The Red Cross made to help people who are wounded and those who have suffered loss because of what happened to them.¨      There are three parts make up the organization they are  International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and the individual societies worldwide.Then, how did the red cross started???The red cross started from a swiss businessman called Henry Dunant.” He visited area that became part of Italy.” When he saw the battle at Solferino, he was felt bed for tens of thousands of wounded and dead people. A lot of them were left on the ground without water, shelter, food, medical care to help them, so he called volunteers to bring them water to this people. Years later, he started writing about what he saw oa that battle. And he said that we should make some groups to help in the battle. A swiss wealthy lawyer called Gustave Moynier liked the idea, that person helped to do the international committee for relief the Wounded people. A lot of people in Switzerland were interested in helping people efforts and limiting war, so A lot of people liked the idea so fast.  In the text it says ¨On October 23, 1863, representatives from across Europe gathered in Geneva to establish policies and procedures for operating on battlefields and to pass resolutions advocating for humane treatment of all people during times of war. This was the beginning of the Geneva Conventions.¨In the beginning our red cross was still very small, so they can´t provide any small help to the people who was there. In the text it says ¨But even that they were small size the Red Cross made a big effort in the beginning years of World War 1 to raise capital, recruit new personnel, nurses, and medical professionals, and gather medical supplies and other necessary treatment. But in the early stages of the great war, the american Red Cross notice that it is difficult to appeal to a nation that was committed to neutrality.¨Even there wasn’t any Americans in danger few citizens wanted to help the Europeans soldiers.They couldn’t be able to make even one ship to Europe, but there one ship and it’s called SS for Red Cross ¨ Mercy Ship¨.But when they reached  England it give supplies, ¨like medical gauze, anesthetics, clothing, and camp supplies throughout England, France, Russia, and Germany. And it also staffed 170 surgeons and nurses who were assigned with the task of the offering medical care to combat casualties.¨The Red Cross wanted impartiality from their medical workers in Europe. They also wanted treat equal all sides. ¨But It would not be until the United States of America officially declared war against Germany on April 6, 1917, that the American Red Cross would begin its dramatic transformation from a small organization with a limited staff and insufficient funds to a massive and globally influential institution that is easily recognized today.¨ ¨In 1917 the war in Europe was in intense. Word about the dismal trench conditions in France and Germany were reaching citizens of the United States¨ .And because of this situation and and people love America they wanted to help the red Cross even more than ever before. In the same year the a president Called called Wilson made a War Council for the our Red Cross. ¨The purpose of it is to raise funds, increase the extent  and reach of the organization, and properly plan how to best use their treasury to gain maximum benefit in the war.¨ Did the Red Cross got bigger???Yes! In first year of the World War I, the Red cross got bigger. ¨he person who is in the team had swelled to twenty two million and there were also eight million volunteers at the end of the year. They spread in thousands of chapters each chapter sent circulars on how members could help the Red Cross effort.¨ There was “Home Service” it became a good instrument of the Red Cross in World War I. Home Service did help to families of military people. I t also did do communication between troops and the people that they want to talk to.¨offering financial aid to families who had lost a serviceman, and detailing information on acquiring government assistance.¨ They also did an opportunity for women at home and abroad to show that we should share with the woman. The woman was a main character in the Red Cross. ¨Nurses were deployed to France and England at the outbreak of war in 1914.¨When the United States started the war, ¨seventeen Base Hospital Units, each supported by sixty five Red Cross nurses, were sent to France with many others held back ready for deployment.¨ The Red Cross in France was emergency work wating many hours in bad situations. Nurses felt scared of war not because they treating people who are wounded of the war  but also because they were giving their own lives to save the soldiers. At the ending of the war, ¨over two hundred nurses had lost their lives, many from contracting diseases when treating patients. Many were decorated for their valor and a small few were even awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.¨As the war came to a close in 1918, the Red Cross was faced with an entirely new and far more deadly issue. The Influenza Pandemic, which broke out in Europe in the last months of the war and spread throughout the world, claimed an estimated 22 million lives and close to 500,000 United States Citizens. The Red Cross worked in conjunction with the United States Public Health Service providing nurses to assist the sick and dying until the pandemic subsided in 1919.https://wwionline.org/articles/american-red-cross/Facts About World War lThe International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is made up of 190 organizations with nearly 100 million employees, volunteers, and supporters worldwide.Henry Dunant won the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901 for his part in the founding of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.The American Red Cross was established in 1881 after nurse Clara Barton saw the association’s work in Europe and lobbied the United States To join.A standing committee that meets at an international conference held every four years governs the organization as a whole. Delegates from the individual societies also meet every two years. Larger council of delegate meetings are also held on a regular basis.Some symbols are those who met in Geneva in October 1863 established a symbol to represent their group. Since the group wanted to stay neutral and help all wounded regardless of what side they fought on, it wanted a sign that would make it easy to identify volunteers. Dunant helped choose the symbol: a cross with arms of equal size. The colors of red and white were chosen by reversing the colors of the Swiss flag. Switzerland was a neutral country and did not take sides in wars, so the colors were associated with neutrality. A white flag was already seen as a symbol of a request to stop fighting for surrender. The design also was easily recognized from a distance. It was officially approved by the First Geneva Convention in 1864.In 1877, the Ottoman Empire went to war with Russia. The empire did not want to use the cross, which was often associated with Christianity, as its symbol for the Red Cross organizations. Instead, it used a crescent moon shape, which was already associated with its medical personnel.The symbol was used unofficially until 1929, when it was accepted by the Geneva Convention and became widely used by Muslim nations. After Israel was formed as a nation in 1948, the country sought to have a red Star of David on a white background recognized as a symbol of its aid association, known as Magen David Adom. In 2005, the Geneva Convention approved the use of a red diamond or crystal.The mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is to provide help to all people regardless of race, class, political beliefs, religion, or national origin. The original purpose to help those wounded in battle has been expanded to include other forms of help. In many of the member countries, Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers help civilians in war zones. They also aid people affected by regional or national disasters, such as floods and earthquakes, and small disasters, such as house fires. They educate people by offering training in first aid and rescue. They also provide information on how to be ready for evacuations when needed.Some Challenges were Despite its humanitarian goals, the movement has encountered some challenges over the years. Some people feared that having a group to minimize the suffering of war could make it too easy for governments to go to war or to keep fighting. The work can be dangerous for volunteers because some governments and other groups do not honor the movement’s mission. Workers for the associations can be kidnapped, injured, and killed. The associations also face funding challenges, especially when large disasters strike or wars are prolonged.http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/RPXZBO704662387/MSIC?u=nysl_ce_chms&sid=MSIC&xid=1aa18967