WOMEN of masturbation will make you look


Masturbation is an act of relieving sexual tension and
loaded stress. It is a very common thing performed by individuals ranging from
teenage to adulthood. However, women masturbation is considered to be a taboo
topic to talk on.

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Not many are aware of the health benefits that masturbation
can offer when women are considered. If you look deeper into this article, you
will know why women masturbation is not a bad thing! It has more to it than
what we know. The surprising health benefits of masturbation will make you look
at the concept with a new perspective.

Why do women masturbate?

Before we go into the technical aspects of masturbation, let
us know why women tend to do it in the first place. Isn’t it obvious? It is for
the same reason that men do it. To relieve sexual tension, let go of work load
or relax your system. You feel more confident about your body when you start to
love it yourself before anyone else can.

Surprising benefits of Women Masturbation!

There are many notions associated with masturbation. Some
believe it can have a drastic effect on one’s sexual health. They decrease the
boob size, shrink your genitals or grow hair in private places. But these are
absolute misconceptions that every woman has!

Masturbation is very good for health without any second
thought! It can benefit you in more ways than you had ever imagined. It is a
very normal thing to do but something that must be done in private.

1.       Improves sleep

Masturbation is a way of unloading the
stress from your body. After a very long and tiring day, a huge lecture from
your boss or handling the household chores alone, a woman can get rid of that
flowing tension in her body and get some good sleep after masturbation. Most
women masturbate before bed to get better and proper sleep and that is
completely normal.


2.       Reduces
menstrual cramps and muscle spasms

Menstruation is the re-occurring villain in
a woman’s life, especially when she has to deal with the added burden of pain
and discomfort. Because of several reasons, women tend to experience cramps
during this period. Masturbation can provide relief to these contracted muscles
and lessen the effect of menstrual cramps. It is completely normal to
masturbate in this period too.


3.       Improves sex

Masturbation helps you to realize your
tastes during sex. It helps you know what exactly you expect from your partner
during the act. This can help improve the communication between him and you and
would lead to a better experience all together.

4.       No fear of STDs

Who hasn’t heard about of STDs- Sexually
transmitted diseases? These can be very messy when you cannot get rid of them
and often lead to other complex health issues. However, with masturbation, you
do not have to fear about them. There is absolutely no way in which you can be
affected by these diseases. Keeping your masturbating equipment neat and
sterile is important to avoid other tract infections.


5.       It helps your
hormones stay active

When you don’t use certain object or thing
for long and keep it locked, it would ultimately lose its capacity. In the same
way, your hormones need some boost now and then. If you are not involving in
the act of sex, masturbation can help keep you sexually active and maintain
hormone balance.


6.       Makes you
confident about your body

Everybody needs pampering and a woman needs
it two times more than a man. We, women tend to forget that we are more than
what we think of ourselves and often have insecurities about our bodies.
Masturbation makes sure we feel confident and assured about our appearance and
helps us stay positive about ourselves.


7.       It is not time

If you heard people telling over
masturbation is unhealthy, chuck it! There is nothing as over masturbation
unless it is disturbing your daily activities and you are too addicted and
cannot stop thinking about it. It has absolutely no time restrain over it


People masturbate for number of times based
upon their personal preference and this has no side effects. Though, you
shouldn’t let masturbation come in the way of your work or responsibilities and
it shouldn’t decrease your interest in normal sex life. In these cases, you must
visit a doc to get the right guidance.


8.       Masturbation is
a boon to heart health!

The two main factors that prevent any
cardiovascular diseases are controlled blood pressure and relaxation from
stress. Masturbation helps achieve both of them. Masturbation has the ability
to release endorphins when you achieve orgasms.


Endorphin is a hormone capable of relieving
tensions and taming constricted blood vessels to promote low blood pressure and
stable heart rate. The blood flow becomes uniform throughout the body because
of the momentary contractions and relaxations of muscles.


People hesitate to talk about it but
masturbation is a common name in every household. Women should not hesitate to
please themselves in their private quarters. Because it is important that once
or twice, a woman must love herself first to realize what she really is. Go
clear your schedule to get some ‘Me’ time for a change!