With he hadn’t noticed until now. Determined

With one more titanic shove, it permanently increased the size of the portal enough to fit its massive form through. A four armed gorilla-like creature with tufts of reddish fur and a gaping, tooth-filled mouth. It roared as it entered the battlefield and as the riflemen continued to fire on it (they had never stopped), even as it charged towards them. Finding the perfect moment to strike, Gunnar hurdled off of the makeshift terrace and smashed his hammer onto the beast’s head, forcing its momentum downward instead of straight. It slammed into the mines with a reverberating crash, that seemed to echo throughout the chamber. “Ah,” Gunnar said as he got to his feet, “Something.” The creature, from its prone position, reached out with its upper arms and grabbed the barbarian, hurling him into the roof as it used its lower arms to assist it in standing up. The crash sent stalactites falling to the ground, forcing the riflemen to scatter. In any other situation, the vanguard would rush to the aid of their Chief or prepare to back him up with gunfire. But this was not any other situation. These were the MacCaterans. They would wait until ordered, watching and learning until then.As Gunnar crashed into the ground with another rough thud, sending dust billowing outward, he reached for his axe. He slammed his fist into the ground as he stood up, squeezing the weapon with such ferocity that, were it not for the spectacular design and construction, would surely cause it to break. Letting out a warcry that could be heard throughout the mines, he rushed up to the creature and released a flurry of attacks. His blade sliced into its chest and gut in a diagonal slice, then was brought down in an attempt to remove one of its arms. The final strike was intended to come from his hammer. However, the weapon had dropped from his hand as he’d fallen from the ceiling, and in his rage he hadn’t noticed until now. Determined to finish off with another hit, he balled up his other fist and sent it straight into the chest of the massive creature, sending it back with enough force that it almost fell back into the portal.