Why though High school teachers also emphasise

Why students nowadays are least
interested in opting SCIENCE as CAREER?

We are living in the age of 21st
century having more advancing tools and systems which are reducing the load on humans
and enabling them to do work more efficiently. With such advancement in
technology and research, mobile phones and other electronic products are become
handy in our day to day lives and hospitality. This is therefore consequential
for our younger generation to not mislead science and research as a career.
Such advancements can also acts as a motivation and a helping stone for them to
carry their future in this path. That’s why it became the duty of our future
generation to carry this process of technological development forward by
developing more beneficent tools which thereby reduces the risk on human health
and generation negligible errors in measurement.

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But it has been seen that the current
living generation is getting least interested in opting SCIENCE AND RESEARCH as
their career. Even though High school teachers also emphasise students to make
them continue their career in science stream as per their calibre but the
research shows that the number of students entering into the science,
technology and research field are decreasing every year. This is due to the fact
that most students do no opt science stream in their 10 standard while others
discontinue this field and proceed for some other fields. According the case
study, this happens because of the following reasons:

It has been found
that most of the students were carrying phobia of maths and physics. A
misconception has been developed into the minds that they do not have the
eminence to go with such subjects. The cause mainly attracts from the living
environment, society and the parents mostly influenced by the relatives and

Even with some
students having interest in such field, what restricts them is their family
financial conditions. As we were proceeding further, the corresponding rates of
what considered with earlier has also been increased which is therefore
unaffordable for some family. Also we think that in some regions, education
sector has became a business having a large share in the market. The
institutions for engineering and research are therefore asking for higher fees
for the degrees and diploma in the engineering and technology. Furthermore, it
requires a sufficient amount for someone to carry a research in some certain
field and undergo a Ph.d.

to the report of HRD ministry, India has 6,217 engineering and technology
institutions which are enrolling about 2.9 million students and around 1.5
million engineers are released into the job market every year. But the high
dismal rate ensures that they simply do not have adequate skills to be
employed. As many as 97% of graduating engineers want jobs either in software
engineering or core engineering. However, only 3 per cent have suitable skills
to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent can handle
core engineering tasks.

study also shows that some students also terminate the stream because of their
lack in conceptual understandings. They found that the topic discussed in their
lectures are not efficient to meet their understanding and thereby does not
make them to develop their interest in the topic. This mostly happen due to the
lack of resources available in the institution.

few percent of students also discontinue because they actually do not like the way
the lecturer report the topic to the students. They do not find the classes to be fun, interesting, and exciting.
Such personal and situational factors contributing to such a decline in student
interest in science.

Also according to
the fact, companies are prone to visiting only top colleges to recruit
potential employees. The resumes from relatively unknown colleges do not get
shortlisted thereby Graduates are only collecting their degrees despite not
being skilled enough to be a productive part of an Indian economy.

After all there
were some students as well who do not enter into the technology research field
because it requires time and patience. It requires time to the staple to get
ready into product.

Also there were
some students who enters into others field in eager to earn money at earlier
stages and also after looking up to their friends. They started lemming
according to the crowd and proceeds to some other sources.


last, what it can be said is do choose what you wish and what you want. Don’t
look at others, know your calibre, understand your limits and push them up. Get
aside the thinking of others about you and listen to yourself. Even at the end,
what all happened is happen for the best.

Science is a way of
thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.

~Carl Sagan



Submitted By:

Khushal Kapoor

B.Sc.(H) Electronics