Why so Many People Eat Fast Food? Essay

Have you ever seen a popup automatically message window when you clicked a new webpage? One of them printed an attractive big “M” or a colorful image draw some hamburgers and drinks. This type of advertise is simple but powerful of fast food, it disguised real quality of these food, but with it widely spread among mass media, it urged people to consume them. As a result, more and more people familiar with eating fast food.

Print media or Three-dimensional media is the most efficiency way to spread and enlarge the advantage of fast food. Especially big influence on children, these fast food advertisements duplicated so many times between children’s TV programs, within bright color to embellish cooked food, used cute cartoon characters to fix childishness, and designed easy sign for children to remember. In total, it pivoted a grateful image on children’s mind, softness, delicious, even the inviting smell.

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Moreover, sometimes fast food companies sold food with some toy as a present, this kind of promotional method also attract consumers to eat fast food more frequently. Physical Advertising for fast food includes its package or promotional method. Adults always evaluate the size of food package to resist intake excess calories. Fast food companies used small package of their product produced an illusion of fewer calories within these highly energy food, especially influence to women. Jennifer& Katherine, 2012) Therefore, many people have been puzzled by it small coverage but ignore it nature. Otherwise, some package has a table of ingredients in the label, tried to confirm the balanced style of these food, but it cannot exchange it domain in fast food, a type product in junk food. Potential advertising is propagated between people. That means the old customer can lead new customers. People have crowd psychology, so if someone recommended some new kind of fast food in McDonald’s. It will be necessary for people to try them.

Otherwise, fast food has the same ingredients all around the world. Therefore, when people get travelling or studying abroad, it is easy for them to choose familiar food, this kind of advertisement not only brought new customers but also contain old ones. Modern lifestyle has turned to be a way to spreading information by mass media, therefore, as the product of mass media; fast food became widely food under the help of advertisement. And grasped suited advertise method will increase the popular of a company.