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When you start swimming, you would want to start swimming in shallow water, and of course you would always want an adult nearby. When you get better, the adult will trust you more around deeper water. To get better you need to at least swim one or two times a week for more than 30 minutes. The first step you want to learn when you first swim is to hold your breath. So first, you would want to turn to your side and use your left or right arm and extend it so it can almost touch your ear. Second, you would want to twist your head out of the water and take a deep breath with your mouth. Next, twist your head back in the water and slowly start to exhale through your nose. After a while you will start to improve and move up to the next level. When your on the next level, you might want to learn how to kick. Kicking is really important in swimming, because then when you kick, your strokes will be easier to swim and it will make you go faster. The most stroke you want to kick in is freestyle and backstroke. When you kick, you want to make sure to point your toes because when you point your toes it will make you go faster. You want to stretch your feet and toes out and do little and fast kicks, when you do that you will know by if bubbles and white foam will come. If you do big and slow kicks you will not go faster. Another way to kick good is to kick from the hips.Sometimes in swimming you will need equipment. For example sometimes you need to social kick (that means that  you only need to kick and not use your arms) so you will need a kickboard. What a kickboard does is that it holds your arms in front and you can only kick. Another item you can use is flippers/fins. The only reason you want to use fins is because if your feet are tired and you want to go faster, you would want to use them but you can’t use fins in a race because then you would go faster than everyone else and that would be cheating. The last equipment is a snorkel. A snorkel is a long tube that you breath in and it may have a mask or maybe not. On the bottom of the tube, there is something that kinda looks like a mouthguard but you use it differently. For example, you put it in your mouth and it’s supposed to cover your teeth. Then, you put your face underwater and start to breath with your mouth normally. Some of you might get the ones that don’t cover your nose so be careful to try not to breath with your nose.