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When watching My Sisters Keeper, in the beginning, you can clearly see the struggle Anna has with the fact that the only reason she was born was to be a donor for her sick sister Kate, who was dying with cancer. Anna decides she wants to have full control over her own body, so she takes things into her own hands. She loves her sister, but she claims she doesn’t feel it is right for her parents to make her do any more surgeries. The story continues on as a battle of right vs wrong, and if there really is a clear line between them.The opening scene displays flashes of childhood memories. They are dark and sometimes blurry. While this is all going on, Anna is narrating how and why she was conceived. The narration is a tool the writers use throughout the entirety of the movie. Everyone narrates their perspective on their lives and how they feel. The instrumentals make you feel the pain and heartache that the characters are feeling in that moment. Also, when they play flashbacks of when the sisters were playing happily together, the girls were dressed in bright happy colors. In the present time, the family is dressed in dark colors, symbolling anger or unhappiness.As you watch further, you can see even though the tension can be overwhelming, they all still care for each other. They are still a family, just one with more unfortunate issues that others might not have. This film succeeds at making you feel every emotion from joy, sad, to angry. It makes you question yourself and what would you do if you were in their shoes. For example, would you agree with Anna’s parents in wanting her to donate again? Or would you agree with Campbell and his decision to represent Anna? For most of the film, the battle between Sara and her daughter Anna continue. The statement in question, does Sara have the right to make Anna give up a kidney for Kate? As for the characters, Sara Fitzgerald, the mother of the girls, she is portrayed to be strong but also stubborn. She gave up her life’s work as an attorney to care for Kate. Kate is portrayed as a young girl who was living life to the fullest potential before cancer stopped everything in its tracks. Her scenes were shot from a lot of side lighting, from windows showing how she felt when she was sick, tired and scared. Anna who is the youngest of everyone is portrayed as very smart. By the way she talks she seems beyond her years. For example, Anna states in the beginning, “I was made in a petri dish to be spare parts for my sister.” Campbell Alexander, the attorney that represents Anna, is portrayed as arrogant and only cares about himself. With that being said, his scenes involve darker lighting as if he is the bad guy.To compare, The Notebook, which was directed by the same man, Nike Cassavetes, both stories involve a loss. They are filmed one year apart, but the stories are based during two different times. My Sisters Keeper was a modern-day film, compared to The Notebook, which was based in the 1940s. With that being said, the settings had to be filmed very differently. For example, the props used, costumes, and even the dialog.   In conclusion, this film was and still carries a very important message. Just because life is throwing curve ball after curve ball, you shouldn’t let it discourage you. There’s always a hidden meaning behind everything.