When running away from poverty. Throughout this

When I go to the downtown mall. I see homeless people walking up and down the streets. Some of them are violent and deemed drug addicts. Not all of homeless people are like that though. I wonder how many of them are immigrants running away from poverty. Throughout this essay will be talking about the history of immigration in four waves. Before the first wave in 1790 native Americans had their own language and culture. But then the spaniards came and found their gold took it away from them and slaughtered them. Native American temples were taken over by churches and 95% of them were killed by smallpox. Then immigrants rapidly increased and forced migration started (slave trade) because of the Tabasco industry. In this wave there was forced immigration and people coming for religious freedom. Later spoken about In the next few paragraphs in the 1830s, more people came for cheap farm land and jobs.After 1790 the population tripled and 90% of colonists became farmers. People who came to the us were slaves and a lot of irish german European Scottish and English immigrants they continued to come because of the growing industry and cheap land. Back in the time 1755 Germans were criticized and know immigrants where the “stupid of the country” The first anti immigration laws came to be in 1798.  Then in 1845 Irish came because of the potato famine, yet they were not welcomed because they were immigrants. Ironically speaking because most of the population there were immigrants. Except for the native americans who were killed by smallpox and the spaniards. Most people who were welcomed were white.In the 2nd wave in the United States 1820-1880, 3.9 million people in counted the English were the largest ethnic people group 20% came from African heritage, and german Scottish and irish resents were counted for. Only 00.02% Chinese people immigrated to the United States. So that brings you the question… why? Why were there laws made to ban Chinese immigration? It’s pure racism. Mobs of people would harass Chinese Americans. Chinese people were offered with jobs at first, and once their use was gone, people shunned them. Chinese Americans lives were forever changed. The “Yellow Peril” they were nativists which means they favored “native people” in the country than immigrants. This was an American party. When the Nativist party pushed, congress passed the Chinese exclusion act and stopped Chinese immigration. The the Irish immigrated to the United States to run away from the potato famine. The potato famine was in 1845 – 1852, causing mass death in ireland. Irish people who immigrated to the United States were shunned for their Catholicism, which is ironic because the English people who immigrated to US came for freedom of religion. Then the political act “Know-Nothings”  A party that defended Protestantism against Catholicism. They wanted to limit the immigration, by making you get residency in 21 years. Irish people settled in eastern cities like New York or Philadelphia. The kids in America even made a game called “break the pope’s neck.” All of these immigrants came for american dream.Ellis Island is an island of hope and tears. First off, Ellis Island is not even a island. It’s on a harbor. Yet angel island on the west cost is. Immigrants came to Ellis Island with barely anything just their hopes and dreams. Six thousand people can go on a steam powered boat, It took 12 dollars to get onto the steam powered ship all the way to America. (Keeping in mind 12 dollars is about 150 dollars now.) Immigrants who were more poor could take a bundle pack were they can get 3rd class seat (in horrible conditions) in a train and get a seat on the steam powered boat which still is in horrible conditions.The harsh conditions on the trip to Ellis Island left people uncomfortable and even sick on a 18 to 14 day trip. They slept where they put you, but people still had high hope. When the people were welcomed by the statue of liberty the men cried and people laughed after that hard trip. The statue of liberty was the 1st thing immigrants saw. Yet they still had a journey to finish on its own. Once arriving at the harbor, Ellis Island was intense, the 1st thing you experienced was walking up steps. Only 2% were sent back, most for dumb reasons. For pink eye or the mentally unfit. How they would check if you were mentally unfit is asking a question, a very foolish question in my opinion. The question was “How many feet do horses have” How are you supposed to answer that? They have hooves not feet and do they mean by how many legs? This left immigrants confused. Harsh conditions continued in Ellis Island, cold water showers (and many immigrants were left terrified coming out of the showers because they from poverty and not knowing what a shower looks like.) and being marked with blue chalk if you could pass. Some children had to go back to their homeland because they were sick. That means one adult care taker has to come with them. Many families were ripped apart from each other. After leaving the harbor and finally entering to america, many were left disappointed, maids didn’t have maids and the streets were not raining in gold. It was poor, cold, and many had to live in small apartments. They still had hope, for many it was much better living conditions than their own native land. Years pass till the 1920’s xenophobia was common. The gates to immigration were closing and on certain “non threats” can come in. For example people who are not welcomed are Russians or Italians, the people were scared of communism. But immigrants like europeans were greatly welcomed. The immigrants wanted to come to america but the gates finally closed after the great depression and ww1. This was the lowest point in immigration Only few were let in. The fourth wave of the Us immigration takes place from 1965 – 2000’s. In the beginning of this faze ww2 and the great depression were on a rise. Many people would prefer to be in their native country than be in america. Reminding you the reader, the doors closed in america for a while only accepting minimal immigrants from certain ethnicities. Like i said before Europeans were more welcomed. Millions of people did want to go to america to escape their country, but only 5% made it. The system was to blame, 1924 – 1964. Back to 1924 – 1964 Fourth wave 80% of immigrants were latin american and Asian bringing culture and diversity to america. Many people who were latin american came to america because of civil wars and dictatorship. Asian people were trying to escape communism, but both needed economic opportunity. A high amount of illegal immigrants were unskilled people, because of how poor they were, so they’d take low income jobs. The amount of illegal immigrants there were was estimated to be about 5 million in the 1980’s. This caused the 1986 Immigration Reform Act. To give amnesty to 3 Million Illegal immigrants. The cause was illegal immigrants could easily enter the country. But right after in the 1990s anti immigration became in a uproar again. So now in the 2000s Immigrants are estimated 30+ million the current wave of is by far the largest in American history. Changing gears to internal migration, around the time the African american population were dealing with Racism. Since the African american population was mainly in the south. Jobs were taken up and the Racism increased. African Americans were forced north to NY or Oakland for factory work and to get away from the KKK and racism that was populated in the south. After that Older people started moving south because they couldn’t handle the cold, and more open jobs were there. After the Deindustrialization to the north, then factories move to the south again late 20th century. Benefits to the south is lesser taxes on factories. More jobs. The weather but pays less because cost of living is cheap.To wrap this whole essay up immigration throughout the centuries are very, hypocritical. Let me explain…. Before the first wave immigrants killed the native americans by bringing disease and conquering their land. In the second wave racism was on the rise favoring europeans or people of certain religions and political views. The third wave was about the trip to ellis island, basically it was a harsh on immigrants but the system came better time. Till the great depression and ww1 happened and they closed their gates. The fourth wave was about the immigration now and the issues many people were having for not being welcomed because of ethnicity, income or political views. The pattern here is that in america everyone always has a finger to point and blame at immigrants. Like all of them wanted to threaten their jobs bring communism and threat their religion. In my opinion this is the work of the government, keeping everyone so mindless, distracting people with fake issues so they can stay in power. We need to ignore these issues and try to become one as a country. So when i see that homeless man walking down the street again who am I to judge him?