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When it comes to the presidential election there are many ways that we should and could elect the president but in the end we use the electoral college.  The electoral college is who we vote for.  When you go to vote for the president, you are not actually voting for them.   We vote for people to vote for the president.  I believe that this system is not hurting anyone and is actually benefiting the country The Electoral College is a group of electors who make the final decision on who is going to be the president.  The Electoral College is made up of 538 electors.  Of these 538 electors,  270 of them make the decision.  It is a majority rule when it comes to the electoral college.  The pros of this system is not allowing non educated people to vote for the leader of the country.  It allows people to vote for people who are educated on what the presidents want to do with the country.  The cons of this is that not everyone gets their way.  Even if one candidate gets 99% of the popular vote then there is still a chance for another candidate to be elected.  This causes people to be mad and riot.   Voter apathy is the lack of caring about the voter.  I do believe that there is some voter apathy in the electoral college.  Their job is to go in and elect the best candidate that will benefit the country the most.  If the candidate has the plans to make the country better with raising taxes by $0.20 and people get mad the electoral college will not care.  It is about what helps the country and the people minus their feelings.   I believe that the electoral college is the united states’ best option.  In the end it protects the country from getting someone into office that has no idea of what they are doing or their plans are not good enough.  These people aren’t as educated in this field as the people in the electoral college are.  Electoral college is better than the District Plan and the Proportional Plan because they only benefits the popular vote.  A direct election will lead to someone getting into office that shouldn’t be.  And it will be a majority vote.   The national bonus plan is cheating in a way.  It gives more voters to them.  It gives them 120 extra when you only need 270 to win.   In the end the electoral college is the most unbiased way to do things.  This allows people to vote for educated people to make choices.  They can put their trust into their party and if things come down to it and they vote for a different candidate then in the end it works.