What would be possible solutions leading to the resolution of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis? Essay

What would be possible solutions leading to the resolution of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis?

The Palestine-Israel issue has been around since 1917 when the Balfour Declaration granted Palestine to Britain to make a state for the Jewish people. The Arabs who had been in control of the area for decades resented this and since that time a conflict has been taking place. In 947 the UN partitioned the land for both the Jewish and the Arabs but the Arabs did not recognize the Jewish states. Further problems arose when the state of Israel occupied the West Bank and the Gaza strip in 1967. Despite continuous process for peace, Israel has continued to expand its settlements, leading resistant Palestinian parties to be created simply to attack Israel and stop its expansion.

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There are two possible solutions to reducing the terrorist attacks on the Israelis.

i.                    The Apartheid Wall is a fence erected in Palestinian area’s which divides the towns and supposedly secures Israeli areas was constituted illegal by the International Court of Justice. Yet, Israel refuses to take it down. Taking it down maybe one way to convince Palestine to reduce attacks against Israel and prove the latter’s seriousness in the peace process.

ii.                   The history between the Jews and the Arabs is too strong and too emotional to be easily solved. The Palestinians will not be satisfied with anything less than their original land bank which includes the Gaza strip and West Bank. Furthermore, the area of Jerusalem has been a part of the Arab world for centuries. There are both Muslim and Jewish religious monuments there and neither nation will give it up. Dividing it would not make much sense as territorial issues will arise again.

 The Israeli politicians have been too long supported by the International community to easily back out. If peace is to be brought about and the terrorist attacks by the Palestine are to be stopped they have to be returned their original territory. They have struggled too long to be satisfied by anything else and Israel, constantly expanding settlements regardless of peace treaties is not helping the matter.

What can the Palestinians do to reduce the need for Israeli Defense Forces checkpoints and extreme security measures to `protect themselves`?

The current groups that oppose Israel at the moment are all militant in nature and with the exception of the PLO they are all openly terrorist in nature. The PLO has to bring all the groups under one leadership or find a road of compromise and reduce terrorist attacks. They have to work with the Israel forces to ensure that if they do not resist then there will be no need for the security measures.

i.                    One point of argument the Israelites make regarding a Palestine state is that they are too violent and militant in nature to live as two nations. As neighbors they could not be trusted to not become violent. So to remove that argument and show the international community their commitment they have to reduce the terrorism. Defensive measures can and must remain but the suicide bombings and other such violent attacks that hurt the people more than the politics should be stopped. Maybe then there can be a more open discussion of what would be the best solution for the two nations.

ii.                  The Palestinian groups are too adamant in their demands. They continuously suggest that they will not accept Israel as a state. Whatever the history or injustice may have been the people and the leaders have to realize that they can no longer sustain a war. They must reach a compromise and for that they must first admit if not accept that Israel is an independent state. Once this is recognized, Israel may have more confidence in the Palestinians need for peace and there ‘security measures’ may become less severe.

It may be a risk to disarm but the fact is the Arabs are fighting a losing war and this may be the only way to get the UN on its side and fight the war through logic rather than violence.


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