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What really excited me was learning about India’s initiative to upscale renewable power capacity by 40%, to 175 GW. Due to the rapid pace of growth of the Indian economy, India ranks fourth in terms of carbon emissions. Therefore, in the run-up to the Paris summit, India has committed to cut 35% of emissions by 2030 from 2005 levels. India has created tremendous changes in policy framework with highly ambitious plans to increase the influence of solar energy up to 100 GW, followed by 60GW from Wind. One major milestone has to be Cochin International Airport in the southernmost state of Kerala, where tens of thousands of solar panels installed near the airport generates approximately 50,000 kilowatts of power, enabling it to be the first airport in the world powered entirely by solar energy.

Learning about India’s drive for sustainable energy transition has made me more focused and cogent about my life goals. I hope to contribute to my country’s progress by establishing a successful career in the renewable energy field. I aim to become part of the Indian government’s journey to efficiently managing energy resources through sustainable energy systems and ensure that these systems are ubiquitous all over India. In order to transform my dream into reality, it is imperative to pursue a proficiently structured master’s degree in this field such as the ‘Sustainable Energy Technologies’ offered by TU Delft. I believe I would immensely benefit from this programme, especially since TU Delft encourages independent and creative thinking while striking a balance between theory and practical knowledge. TU Delft’s excellent laboratories and research facilities coupled with its excellent ties with industries have placed no doubts in my mind that TU Delft is the right place for me to pursue master’s degree.

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The ‘Autonomous systems’ profile cluster is my primary choice of study since learning how to harness energy using wind and solar systems and most importantly, how these power generated can be stored in order to ensure grid stability where the supply of generation meets the demand, interests me. I reached this conclusion since one of the challenges India is trying to solve is incorporating energy storage so as to alleviate grid power management problems due to the intermittent power output from renewable energy.