What methods would you use to achieve the modification to or retention of the workforce? Essay

What methods would you use to achieve the modification to or retention of the workforce? Choose one method for the modification of the workforce and one method for the retention of the workforce. Do not limit your ideas to those outlined in the text. Why do you think these methods would be effective in modifying or retaining the workforce? SOLUTION

There are a number of methods to modification and retention of the workforce. Career-path can be an effective method to use as it ensures each employee is contributing to the organisations and their own self success. Trend Analysis is a method of modification of the workforce which allows the organization to see the changes over the years of trade and see how demand and supply has been effective and not effective through available data collected.

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Consider this scenario. You work for a hospital. Previously, specific nurses were given all weekend shifts. Feedback gathered from other nurses has revealed that all nurses would like the opportunity to work weekends when greater shift penalties are paid. The organization has decided that from now on weekend shifts will be distributed equally amongst all nurses. Write a memo to be distributed to all the nurses that work for the hospital communicating objectives and rationale of the changes to relevant stakeholders. Solution::

Dear Nurses
This is for the kind information of all the nurses that the organisation has decided to distribute the weekend shifts amongst all of them. This decision has been taken with regard to the best interest of the employees and the organisation. The objective of this decision is to inculcate a sense of equality among the employees, as till the time the weekend shift was only available for the specific nurses. In addition to this, the nurses who work on weekends would be compensated through monetary benefits. We hope your cooperation with this decision of organisation, and believe that we are going to deliver the best medical
facilities on weekends. Question??

Consider this scenario. Your organization has decided that employers will no longer give employees roistered days off to compensate them for working overtime. Instead, employees will now be paid for any overtime they complete. What would you say to obtain agreement and endorsement for these changes? You should provide a transcript of a five minute speech that you would give to employees outlining the objectives of this change. You need to show that you have considered objections to or barriers to employee endorsement of this change. Solution

We would like to apprise to all the employees of our organisation that management has decided to make payment for any kind of overtime, rather than giving a one day off for the same. This decision has been taken after a due consideration of several issues including, availability of the employees, impact upon productivity, the morale and motivation level of employees, etc. The objective of this decision is to create a win-win situation for both the parties and to promote the right of employees at workplace. We believe that this decision is consistent with your expectations regarding the policy of overtime and compensation measures and you would coordinate with the management.