What and later on use those parts

is Complex Clipping Path and how we differentiate it from the basics?

The word Complex might make it sound hard but it is simply more time consuming
compared to the normal clipping path service.

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Clipping path as usual is an outline of a certain object or person but more
advanced version of a clipping path
service used for complex and time consuming products. As a clipping path
company we can classify the complex clipping into two parts.

1) Multi Clipping Path
2) Complex Objects Clipping Path

Firstly, let’s talk about Multi Clipping Path used to gain multiple paths of a
certain object or outlining various parts of the same image. This helps the
customer to create images of various types of products or clothing without the
actual need of purchasing new ones. For example, if you take a model with different
types of clothing on, shirt, pant, shoes, hats etc. In that case we can create
path of each product worn by the model and path them separately. This will be a
multi clipping path service outlined on a single image. In addition to that we
can also outline the patterns or design of a product and remove based on the
customers’ requirements. This will give an illusion of creating various types
for the same piece of clothing. Also, for other objects we can outline each
part and later on use those parts for further image retouching.

Secondly, let us move on to Complex Objects Clipping Path which is one of the
key services for focusing on an
object which is very big or has many tiny holes to cutout. Mostly needed for jewelry retouching like chains,
necklaces. Objects like trees, big buildings, netted clothes, chandeliers,
bicycles etc. These products has many tiny spaces in between them and thus very
time consuming as we have to isolate only the product/object without the trace
of anything else.

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services are the base mark of any Clipping Path Company.

Complex clipping path helps the customer to bring out the true purity of a
product or an object. This might not be possible with normal clipping path.
Allowing the customer to take his/her featured product to a whole new level of
excellence and beauty.

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