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What is competition? Competition is a situation in which two or more people or groupscompete for a particular thing. Author and lecturer Alfie Kohn contends that "competition by itsvery nature is always unhealthy." He is correct to some extent, but competition is not alwaysunhealthy. Competition has a positive and a negative side, it is a healthy, important part ofhuman life, but on a certain occasion it can become unhealthy.Competition is all around us, people compete with each other almost every single day. Itis unavoidable. People compete in Reality Shows on Television, in school, in the workplace andin sports. From a young age we are introduced to competition and it is embedded in our mindthat they will always be losers and winners. And since no one wants to become a loser everyonestrive to win every competition. Competition is what makes us strive to be our best; it is the rootof our motivation. It makes us want to become better than we are. It pushes us to reach our limit.It is important for us to compete.On one hand, competition is healthy because it can encourage people to be the best theycan be. Without competition people won’t strive to be the best, and people won’t compete withthemselves or other people to make things better. The positive of competition is that competitionleads to major improvement and it is very motivational. Businesses in competition are forced toimprove their products to make it better. Without competition they would be no improvementand no major change in technology and we would not have so many sophisticated technologiesthat changed the world.On the other hand, competition is unhealthy and negative when people become soobsessed with competition and with winning that they will do anything to win. They will cheat ortwist the rules just to evade losing. An example of this is athletes utilizing performanceenhancing drugs. Kohn states that, “when my success depends on my being better than, I amcaught on a treadmill, destined never to enjoy real satisfaction.” These people obsessed withcompetition will never be satisfied until they are “better than” everybody around them. And theywill do anything to be “better than.”In conclusion, competition is an unavoidable part of human’s life. Author and LecturerAlfie Kohn claim that “competition by its very nature is always unhealthy.” The false part ofKohn’s claim is claiming that competition is “always” unhealthy. Depending on what thesituation is competition can be healthy or unhealthy. So that’s why Kohn is correct to someextent. Kohn talks about the negative side of competition without acknowledging the positiveside and the benefits of it. Competition can lead to improvement and motivation, but it can alsobe dangerous, nasty and can cause a lot of damage. It just needs one person to become obsessedwith it or to take it too seriously and catastrophe will happen.