“Western and Eastern Epic Hero” Essay

Western Epic:

The Iliad: In the Iliad both Achilles and Hector can be considered as an Epic hero because they both have Extra ordinary Skills both of them was a skillful warrior, both of them have their own weaknesses Achilles is his heels and Hector is his Family, They also have their side kick, the most important thing is they fight for what they believe is right but one characteristics is not passed by this two hero they both have family Odyssey: In odyssey Odysseus is considered as Epic Hero because he was a great warrior he is the mentor of Achilles and his weaknesses is his family. But he was not companied by any hero helper. And Odysseus has a goal why he wanted to return to Ithaca he wants to see Penelope and to retrieve what has been taken from him

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King Arthur:

GilgameshGilgamesh: an Epic that is all about how people change when they met someone. Gilgamesh can be considered as an epic hero he is a skillful warrior, has an assistant that save him from his Evil world , fight for what he believe is right but it’s too late when he found out.


Eastern Epic:
Bernardo Carpio: Bernardo Carpio is one of the greatest Epic in the Philippines and Bernardo Carpio is considered as an Epic Hero. Because he is strong ten days after giving birth to him he can crawl all by himself. But he also has his weaknesses his extra ordinary skill has its match and this skill destroyed him, he want to fight because he found out that Pilipino was discriminate by the Spaniards