Weber and throughout businesses is, thorough handwashing,

            Weber County, Utah had 243,645 people
total in population in 2015. There were 13,325 deaths in Weber County in 2005
and 17,263 total deaths in 2015. There were 13.3 per 1,000 deaths in 2005 and
17.3 per 1,000 deaths in 2015.

            A health trend/concern in Weber
County today is the Hepatitis A reach. However, it has not reached Weber County,
and it is hoped to keep it that way.  Hepatitis A is a viral disease that attacks the liver and is
spread through consumption of food or drink that has been contaminated with tiny
traces of feces from infected individuals. The present outbreak of Hepatitis A, involves
so far, 146 confirmed hepatitis A cases from May 8, 2017, to Jan. 7, 2018. And
with that total, 101 cases arose in Salt Lake County and 31 in Utah County.
Weber and Morgan counties only had two, all discovered and tracked by Utah
Department of Health. In this specific outbreak, 65 cases hit homeless drug
users, 34 of them were drug users but not homeless, and 14 were homeless and were
not drug users, and another 28 were imprisoned. Utah public health representatives
identified four businesses that customers could have been affected by the virus
during the week of Christmas. The businesses identified were, A Sonic Drive-In,
an Olive Garden restaurant, a Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry, and a 7-Eleven
in West Jordan and Salt Lake areas.

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The following
health concern is hopefully to be prevented at this time in Weber County. There
are many concerns that it will reach Weber County area. The best prevention we can take action upon at home
and throughout businesses is, thorough handwashing, sterilizing and
disinfecting bathrooms, dining and kitchen areas with a chlorine bleach combination,
and persistent sanitizing of surfaces that get affected by multiple people every
day. For businesses, health officials also recommend changing uniforms and
aprons between cleaning bathrooms and kitchen areas. It is never wrong to be
extra safe in these types of situations.