We might think that it only serves

We now live in a world full of crimes, full of killings, rape cases, kidnappings and even the number of drug users rapidly increasing. We live in a world considered too dangerous to the point where people think killing these criminals would be the best way to stop these or to simply make this world a peaceful place, which for me is nothing but plain immorality. Killing to seek for justice is no justice at all. Instilling violence to stop violence brings no justice and peace but rather more chaos and more pain. Death penalty is considered the highest punishment given to criminals by the government in which they will be sentenced to death through lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, firing squad, or hanging. The thought of doing this to a human, may they be a criminal or not, already sends chills down my spine and disgusts me for it is something very inhuman. One reason why this should not be implemented is because it is against the human rights and as I mentioned, is immoral. Taking one’s life should never be an option because one’s life is as important as others and should not be taken intentionally. Yes, some of you might say that the ones who will receive death penalty are those who might have killed other people or those who committed murder and some of you might think that it only serves them right to be killed as well, but let us put into our minds how this would never make the situation any better. The victims do deserve justice, but killing is not the way. Instead of using the death penalty as a punishment to those who did heinous crimes, the government could give life prison sentence without parole to the criminals. With this, they pay for their wrongdoings by living their whole life inside the prison wherein they are kept away from the society to prevent further crimes and for them to pay for their mistakes. By doing so, justice is served without having to take away someone’s life and creating an immoral act.Another reason why this should not be implemented is because in the current justice system of our country, the Philippines, we cannot deny how there could be incompetence with judging whether someone is guilty or not which may result to innocent lives being taken away. This is not something that could be taken back and life is of course not irreplaceable. Imagine wrongfully accusing someone and sending them to death penalty, then this is no different from murder. According to studies, death penalty does not actually lessen or lower the crime rate of a country which is a clear reason why this should not be supported. Vice President Leni Robredo also once said that this does not and will not deter crime in the country. To quote her, “We are of the opinion that the severity of the punishment is not the problem and would not lessen crimes in the country.” She also indicated how the timely and effective delivery of justice is what our country needed which is indeed correct. Before even thinking of implementing death penalty in the Philippines, our government should start first in making the criminal justice of the country more functional and competent. Yes, this country is problematic, it is chaotic, and crimes are everywhere. And I as a Filipino just like you wants nothing but peace and justice for our country as well, but with this, there is only one thing I am certain of — killing will never be and should never be the answer. And you as a Filipino should take a stand too. Say no to death penalty, say no to unjust killings.