Wattpad: A New Generation of Reading Essay

Wattpad: A New Generation of Reading

For those of you who enjoy leisurely reading, you may be spending hundreds of dollars a year just on books. Do you ever wish you could still enjoy this hobby without the large price tag? Wattpad can help you do just that. This is an amazing application for upcoming authors and readers of all ages. Wattpad describes itself as “the world’s largest community for discovering and sharing stories,” and best of all, the app and all of the books it has to offer are completely free. Wattpad opens doors to a new generation of reading for thousands of booklovers and writers around the world.

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Just like walking into a bookstore, the first thing you look for when looking at reading apps is the availability of books the app has to offer. Thousands of books written by upcoming or new authors are added each day onto Wattpad. With twenty-four listed genres of writing, there is always something for everyone to read no matter what your reading preferences may be. From horror to teen fiction to classics, it is nearly impossible not to find something you will enjoy reading on Wattpad. With over ten million books available on the application, Wattpad definitely has a larger selection of reading material than your local bookstore.

Not into reading long novels or books? Wattpad still has options for you! This application also offers a variety of short stories, poems, and other articles. Just by browsing through the category labeled “other” you can find a variety of articles including jokes, beauty tips, or even personal letters or stories. If you enjoy writing more than reading, Wattpad also has options for you. This application is open to anyone posting their writings and sharing it within the Wattpad community. Simply click on the create button and fill out all of the options listed and your story is immediately posted on the app and website.

Wattpad also has several customization options, making it easy for you as a reader to enjoy your reading experience as much as possible. Just by a few simple clicks of a button you can change how the pages are shown, the font
type and size, and even the line height and justification. Everyone has different reading preferences and Wattpad makes it easy to customize every word on the page. In fact, even the words can be customized; Wattpad has twenty-five different language options to choose from.

You may be thinking, “What makes Wattpad better than the more popular reading apps like Kindle or Nook apps?” Well for starters, all of the books are free. While other applications still offer free books, the selection is often limited to classic books or only a select few other options. While eBooks tend to be a lot cheaper than books in print, even paying just a few dollars for a book eventually adds up. Another advantage of Wattpad having all of its books being free is that you do not have to specifically search for books that are free unlike Nook and Kindle software.

Another benefit Wattpad has over other reading applications is that it has its own online community. Wattpad has a unique way of allowing its users to connect with each other in various ways on the application. From writing blogs to community chats or clubs, there is always a way to find how to connect with fellow readers and writers. Even authors can communicate through Wattpad by giving readers book and story updates. The Watty Awards and The Attys are also two unique things that you can only find on Wattpad. The Watty Awards is a competition where readers vote for their favorite books for several different genres. There are also subcategories in which writers can win awards in such as the book with the best villain, has the most jaw dropping scene, the most imaginative setting and more. The Attys is a similar competition but instead of winning the title of having the best book, writers are competing for having the best poetry. For this competition a panel of ten judges reviews your work based on “demonstrated mastery of craft, originality, emotional force and honesty, and grace in handling the language” (Wattpad). You cannot find this type of a community on any other book/reading application.

With all of these features Wattpad may sound complicated to use, however, this application is completely user friendly. It has a very simple, easy to use layout which makes it effortless to find exactly what you are looking
for. Users can also sync their library to their phone, tablet, and computers allowing readers to access books any time anywhere. Internet is not even a problem, simply add a book to your library when you have access to it and it is available for you to read even when you are offline.

Wattpad opens doors to a new electronic way of reading. This unique community of readers and writers communicate in ways that allow both of the users to get the maximum experience out of their reading. By using this application you can help new writers perfect their skill by becoming a part of the community and giving feedback to any of the works you read. Help them by posting what you are reading by connecting to social networking websites like Facebook and posting what you are reading, or even just request a good book to your friends. Not only does this app help writers, but by thinking about how to help the authors by giving feedback it also helps readers to learn the skill of critical reading. This application does more than just offer millions of free books, it gives readers and writers an experience you cannot find with any other reading app.

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