Water time environment. Due to the spreading

Water pollution is known as the contamination of
water bodies. 71% of the earth is covered by water. As the human population
increase, there is more pressure putting on the water on the earth by human.
Before nineteenth century industrial revolution, human are lived in more
peacefully with that time environment. Due to the spreading of the
industrialization around the world, the problem of water pollution also
increases. This problem happens when pollutants are directly or indirectly
discharge into the water bodies. Water pollution has affected the environment
of animals and plants in the water bodies. There are a lot of human’s
activities have introduced chemical into water bodies like discharge chemicals
from manufacture industry. Sometimes water pollution may also affect the health
of human. Let us delve into the causes of water pollution. First and foremost,
industrial waste can cause water pollution. A lot of manufacture industrial
factories will produce and release large quantity of waste like pollutants and
toxic chemicals to the water bodies and environment and even cause air
pollution. The pollutants are harmful substances such as mercury, lead, nitrate
and sulphur. There are many factories do not have appropriate waste management
system, the only way is release the waste into the water which then will go to
rivers and oceans. The toxic chemicals are able to alter the colour of the
water or increase the amount of nutrients in the water and cause
eutrophication. It can also rise the temperature of the water and make the
water bodies unfavourable for living organisms. The second cause is sewage and
waste water. Usually the sewage and waste water are chemically treated and
produced by household then released them to water bodies. Toxic chemicals and
harmful bacteria are carried by the sewage or waste water can cause health
problem in human and animals. Pathogens are the pollutants in the water bodies.
The pollutants in water make the water unsuitable for drinking. In some serious
cases, it may cause diseases like diarrhea. Moreover, nutrients can also cause
water pollution to occur. Nowadays, agriculture develops at a higher speed and
they need to crop a huge amount of yields at a short time. Therefore, the
fertilizers are used frequently and in a large portion by farmers. Fertilizers
will return the important nutrients back to the environment like nitrogen and
phosphorus that are good to the growth of plants. But yet the problem is they
are used a huge quantity of fertilizers that the environment cannot cope with
it. Thus, the nutrients which are added into the soil are discharge into the
water bodies. This will cause eutrophication which is the increase the rate of
growth for the algae and plankton that will cover the surface of rivers, lakes
and seas. It is a harmful scenario and leads the water bodies to dead zone.
Furthermore, the cause of the water pollution is plastics. If we go along the
beaches, we can see the many plastics on the sand or the water. Most of the
plastics are not biodegradable which means they will not break down by the
environment. Therefore, plastics can survive in the water environment for a
long time. Although plastics are not toxic like the chemicals, they are
dangerous to the fish, turtle, seabird and other marine life, because they may
eat the plastic as their food.