Walt Disney Speech Essay

Class time: Tuesday 7-10 Identifying Data Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Walt Disney and his early year struggles, the support of the war time effort, and the legacy that he has left us. Central Idea: Walt Disney had many ups and downs in his life that really took a toll on him at times, but in time he beat it and became a great success. Type of Speech: Informative Organizational Pattern: Person Introduction AG: Ever feel like things aren’t working out? Did you ever feel like you were a failure, or even wished you had more success?

Walt Disney had experienced that a lot in his life before he became the success he is today. (In any order) Thesis: Mr. Walt Disney is a man that had many struggles that he had faced in his life, he also had many good things in his; before he could have those good things he struggled and once he got his break he ran with it and became a very successful man. Credibility: SAT Connector: Everyone has had failures and success so in turn Walt Disney started out like everyone else until he had his break and found what works for him.

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Preview Statement: Throughout life everyone has their struggles and their success. Some have more than others. Walt Disney was no exception to the struggles, But had also has success in life and now leaves an impacting statement on everyone that sees his work. Trans: I will now begin by telling you about the struggles that Walt Disney had faced in the early years of his life. Body I. In the early years Walt Disney had many struggles before he could finally get a break and have some success in his life. A. Disney had created his first animated series, and trained many others in his field of animation . At this job he met his longtime friend and associate. 2. They had soon been laid off and started their own company that only lasted a month. B. According to the Journey of Walt Disney Article, he had gotten a job at the Kansas City film Ad company, making one minute advertisements, which became comfortable with it himself and quit. 1. He started the company Laugh-O-Gram Films 2. Requested artists that wanted to learn animation and work for him. 3. Alice’s Wonderland was created and ended with declaring bankruptcy because he had good ideas but poor business man C.

Disney had also created a very famous character called Oswald the Rabbit, that he later found out he did not hold ownership too. 1. Many of the cartoonists that had worked for him there were dedicated to this company. 2. Disney had than left and then had enough money to go work with his old friend and had created Mickey Mouse. D. According to reference for business Encyclopedia website when Mickey was created he decided that he would be sole owner of all things that he created, so Disney went into work to create the Walt Disney Studio after his long time best friend left him to go work for another company.

Trans: Now that we know about some of the early year struggles that Disney faced let’s look at some of the successful war time posters that he supported after many of the characters he created had become a success. II. Through the Walt Disney Franchise you can see many times when politics played into a role of his life. A. According to America in WWII Disney in the front, in 1942 issue of the Coronet magazine, characters from Disney’s menagerie take part in home front and front line activities. 1. Donald Duck is a marine out front that symbolizes that the pen is now qual to the sword, while other characters represent a variety of war time roles a. Thrifty pig represents the might of industry. b. Minnie Mouse is a Red cross Volunteer. c. Dopey the dwarf is purchasing war bonds. d. Flower the skunk is a member of the chemical warfare service e. Thumper the rabbit is in the army signal corps 2. The characters of the flying Tigers in the sky just represent one of the many designs that the Disney Studio created. B. the Fifth war loan drive had been launched in 1944, which included the series E small denomination bond. 1.

To help promote the drive, Disney had allowed a certificate to be printed using twenty two of the most popular characters. 2. These bonds were given to everyone who purchased a bond in the name of a baby or a young child. C. Many of the things Disney created were war related material for many federal, state and local governments. 1. In 1943 they created a Job Hopper Our soldiers are sticking to their guns Stick to your job poster. 2. This was to convince employees to stay at the jobs they were trained to do and to help the manpower shortage caused by many men being drafted into the military.

Trans: Now that we know about some of the War time posters that Disney had an influence on let’s look at the legacy that Disney has left since we all see how big of a success that all his work had become. III. By the end of his career, Disney had gone from a struggling artist to this great visionary. A. Walt Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards won. B. He is known for his relentless work ethic and vision. 1. Had a profound sense of what the public wanted 2. He also capitalized on the times, weather it was the Great Depression, or the anticommunist feelings. C. Disney had received a few awards for the great work that he had done. . The Freedom Foundation presented Disney with the George Washington award in 1963 for promoting the American way of life. 2. President Lyndon Johnson awarded him the presidential Medal of Freedom. D. According to the Historic Missourians website Disney has had a few dedications to him back in his hometown in Missouri where he had really started everything. 1. July 4, 1956 was the dedication of Walt Disney Municipal Park and pool. 2. In 1960 the Walt Disney Elementary School Dedication had been. Trans: Knowing the legacy that Disney has left everyone to know let’s just sum up everything that we had learned about Walt Disney.

Conclusion Summary: In summary in the early years Walt had many problems getting his career going. He had many failures and still he kept working towards what he loved and that was the cartoons that he had been drawing all his life. Once he went off on his own and had his brother Roy to handle his finances and run the business with Walt’s ideas, it took off. From then on he had nothing but big success in his life and had eventually left a lasting impression on everyone. Review: Even with all the failures in his life Walt did not give up on his dream and he kept trying and trying.

Eventually he had his big break and look at what he had become. Close: Just because you have a failure in your life does not mean that you can’t become something great. Just look at Walt and see what you can learn from him and see all the great things he has done. Bibliography ” Disney to the Front. ” America in WWII. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. “Of Failure and Success: The Journey of Walt Disney. ” (Magic of Business) by Jeff Kober. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. “Reference for Business. ” Disney, Walt. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. “Walt Disney (1901 – 1966). ” Walt Disney. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2013.