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The information revolution is drastically reshaping global society and pushing the world into information based economy. Increasingly, information and communication technologies (especially web and internet ones) had played a key role in many industries, over the last years. One of them is the Travel and Tourism industry, which is considered one of the most important industries that plays a key role in the global economy and employment for both developed and developing countries [1].

Many Scholars described this ndustry as “an intensive information-based industry,” which got in the last years an enormous synergetic effect from using the web and internet technologies [2] [3]. The general theme for our research tends toward the eTourism field, which is composed by the intersection between both computer science and business management in a way that intends to develop and build a strong travel and tourism industry. The motivation behind following this paradigm; is the ambition to provide a clearer understanding for both academic scholars and business professionals on ow the Internet and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can interfere effectively to tackle real business problems, foster opportunities, and face challenges in such important industry.

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Our research will focus mainly on leveraging interoperability and inter-organizational integration aspects in tourism industry which really has disperse and complex value-chain. Also, we will study how we can use and implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web service as a promising powerful integration technology, and to which extent this technology will improve both marketing nd selling of tourism offerings in a destination. As we believe, at the end of day by improving interoperability and collaboration between tourism suppliers we will have: (1) better-integrated products and services and higher competitive advantage (2) higher customer satisfaction (3) and so, higher economic receipts for the whole tourism industry. In the rest following sections of this paper we will have: • A general overview about Travel and Tourism Industry, the Destination Management Organization (DMO), and some challenges and opportunities our esearch will focus on them. • An introduction about SOA and web services technology, its benefits and characteristics.

• Finally, this paper will present the research focus with both main and extended research questions, and will try to point out the researches gab in technology and business integration frameworks. II. TRAVEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY A. Industry Overview Travel and tourism industry is considered on of the most important industries, which is deeply studied, analyzed, and monitored by some specialized organizations dedicated to his task like: the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Travel and Tourism Consortium (WTTC). Both of UNWTO and WTTC provide periodically, many strategic reports, statistical facts and graphs to reflect the role and performance of this industry. These reports show that this industry is growing steadily to become one of the major international trade categories and the main income sources for many countries, especially the 2009 Congress on Services – I 978-0-7695-3708-5/09 $25. 00 © 2009 IEEE DOI 10. 1109/SERVICES-I. 2009. 76 151