Use Of Technology Essay

Science and Technology is the greatest achievement of humankind which can be used for the promotion and betterment of every individual and the community. It is great to use technology properly, with positive intentions making accessible everywhere for everybody. So in future, technology should be used in a planned and managed way, making accessible to all, and with progressive and productive aims.

Once upon a time in the world, before the early human civilization, there was not any technology developed and not any technological equipment were made by human being. With the time, gradually people searched and researched many things, discovered many new things, and invented many important useful things for the mankind. For instance. People used to travel place for which transportation is much important for travelers, so human invented many technologies and ways to transportation to make the travel much easier and convenient. At the beginning people made things which helped them to travel from one place to another in short distance, after that they invented things which helped to travel longer distance, and finally inventions were made which were helpful to travel around the world and out to the space. Therefore, technology developed gradually, one after another as people found it the most important and necessary for the human civilization and existence. In the same way, today’s science and Technology should be improved in order to promote and help our community and mankind of this world.

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In the past, people worked hard with lots of difficulties and sufferings which compelled them to think about finding easy ways to make the work easier and faster in order to have comfortable life style. As a result this human search for finding easier ways for their better performance helped them to discover new inventions and ways of technology to put the devices together for mature living. Now it’s obvious, because of technology people can fly, they can stay in space as long as they want, they can live under water and everywhere they want to live, and do anything they want to do. Technology has brought much advancement in human development and civilization. This convenience in development should be utilized in proper and scientific way, so that the developed technology really can support the human advancement instead abuse of technology and its power can destroy the whole world and its creatures.

Human desires and development is unlimited, and every time science and Technology is addressing and fulfilling those human wants. For example, if I talk about me, it was my dream to drive a car. I tried many ways to get key for my dad’s car. After many trial I got the keys, and learned to drive the car. I know how to drive car, but now my dream is to fly airplane. It is hard for me and out of my ability at present, but I’ve hope that one day I will doing that. I can dream my aims and wants in real because of the advanced technology . In today’s modern area, nothing is impossible because technology has made everything convenient, easier, and possible for the mankind. We need to thank science and technology for all these dreams successful and achieve their goals like to become pilot, doctor, technicians, or anything else. Here the important thing we need to take in our mind is that we should not have negative thoughts, bad intentions, evil desires, and destructive ideologies, which might result the end of technology and everything, even the word itself.

Today’s computer system and internet services have made everything faster and easier; the world has become a single home. By creating our own account in different social media like Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, etc. we can easily communicate and be connected with friends, relatives, and people around the world, and have regular time news and social updates. Computer and internet services are the greatest achievement of science and Technology. The service providers, and the consumers or the customers should use the product of technology in a proper way with good productive intentions. The correct way of utilization of technology will surely results in good future of mankind and whole world.

There are still some people and communities who do not know about internet services; even not seen computers in their life. The Science and Technology has to reach such illiterate people and communities, and make them aware about the advancement of application of technology. Some country-side people of Nepal and other undeveloped countries are deprived of today’s computer
and internet services. If I talk about me, I’ve seen computers when I was sixteen years old in Nepal. Now I’m permanent residence of the United States, and I have access to newest and advanced technologies and services which I have never seen or thought about those. I have bought a computer myself, I learned it, and I can do lots of stuffs with help of it. I bought it with the money I earned after working in the summer vacation in the warehouse company. I have good speed in typing and good knowledge for basic use of computers. I knew and got difficult it will be if we don’t have knowledge about the technology and it’s applications. Therefore, it’s important for all to have uniform and equal access to technology and have basic knowledge or information about it. In recent future, as soon as possible every individual in the world should be made accessible with the newest technology.

I have a great plan to utilize the facilities provided by the Science and Technology to achieve my goals. If I learn properly about the application of modern technology, and achieve great position, I can be successful person in the nation. As I work and learn every moment, slowly and gradually I will be able to make my name famous in the world, so that people embrace on me. I want to prove that technologies are made for the welfare and development of mankind. I will show that with the help of technology we can do many thing to promote and help our community, country, and the world.

I have planned to open garage or workshop center where I can learn and practice different applications of technologies. I have planned to assist my every activities with the application of science and Technology which consequently help and promote the community. I know, we should not always rely on technology easier, faster, and excellently. We should be able to identify the correct way of utilizing the technology properly, so that we can help ourselves, and also promote and help our community.