Unit 009 3.2 Essay

Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment Explain how to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others Explain how to establish ground rules with learners to promote respect for others As a tutor, I have many responsibilities to make the learners of which I teach, feel safe and supported in their learning environment. As I have seen my tutors do before, I must do a risk assessment for the room where I plan to teach before any of my students enter the classroom.

I must ensure that there are minimal risks that could potentially cause harm to my learners, any visitors or me. I must check around the room for such things as: Faulty wiring, leads trailing on the floor, obstructions from the fire exits and windows, out of date fire extinguishers and other such hazards. The check should be logged on a site approved risk assessment sheet, signed off and kept in a file, for reference if any queries are made, and future use as this must be done before every class taken.

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After welcoming my class of new students into the room, I introduce myself. I do the register to ensure that all students are here, and as each person makes them self known, I acknowledge them individually with a nod and a smile. This is a way to ensure that each learner feels welcomed and noticed; and also in the hope that I learn names quickly. Taking into consideration most learners work well when they have goals set I go through with the students break times and what time the end of session will be.

I then explain that the register is not just to establish attendance, but also doubles as a fire register, so if there happens to be a fire I know whether or not they should be at the assembly point with us. It is then important to take contact details for all students in case a reason arises that they must be called, and emergency contact telephone numbers so that if an unfortunate incident does occur, all efforts can be made in the attempt to contact the person for whom the learner deems appropriate for themselves.

As the class progresses we go through health and safety rules and I explain what I did for the risk assessment and why. I take my students on a tour of the site showing them relevant information and places such as: Fire exits, fire evacuation procedures, the fire assembly point, health and safety rules and regulations, the first aid Appointed Person, the designated smoking area and refreshment/ break areas. It is important to make my students aware of work elated illnesses and so as I do so, reflecting on the paperwork for each learner that I should already have, I find out any additional support of which they may need for things like: reading, writing, computers, time-keeping or an adjustable chair; as stress and back aches should not have to be incurred in the classroom. “Students differ when it comes to behaviour and respect for others, therefore establishing ground rules will need to reflect this difference. Group discussion of expectations and incorporation of all views ensures that every student feels heard and included.

This form of inclusion facilitates a memorable establishment of ground rules which are individually as well as collectively meaningful. ” Sarah Wayt (2008) – Holistic and Health Wellbeing http://www. balance-therapy. co. uk/assignment%208. 1. 4. pdfDate accessed 24. 04. 13 As Sarah Wayt states students are different in many ways, though it is vitally important to establish “Ground Rules” for the group as a whole; allowing the students come up with ideas themselves is a way for them to take ownership as a group.

Breaking down the class into smaller groups then after approximately ten minutes, collate all of the information and have a large group discussion with regards to the results. The learners are more inclined to join in and remember the rules more easily due to them being a part of the creation of the document, rather than just the reading of it. “Not just safe in terms of physical and emotional safety, but also in terms of students feeling safe enough to take intellectual risks. ” Renee Herde – Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments http://studentweb. sq. edu. au/home/w0096319/eportfolio/Standard_7. html Date accessed 24. 04. 13 Renee Herde makes a valuable point in the fact that students need to feel safe in their learning environment so therefore it is necessary to promote and enforce a high level of confidentiality and respect to hear what one another has to say. Each learner should be encouraged to say what they feel is necessary and should be responded to accordingly, because if they have the need to voice their comment to a classroom full of other people it was obviously important for them to let it be heard.

Someone to just disregard their thoughts is a lack of respect possibly making the learner less inclined to join in future discussions; this should not be tolerated. “Showing respect for your students includes listening to their needs and preserving their dignity. It also means living up to their expectations of you, such as greeting them at the beginning of class or returning corrected homework in a timely fashion. ” Pearson Education Development Group- Laying the Foundation for Positive Classroom Behaviorhttp://www. eachervision. fen. com/classroom-management/teaching-methods/6400. html Date accessed 24. 04. 13 The Pearson Education Development Group quite rightly explains there is more to the respect I must show my students than merely being polite; students and tutors alike should be shown the respect that they deserve. My learners must understand that they must respect each another and me, showing everyone the respect of which they expect to be shown. Bibliography

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