Understanding Gitmo Essay

Understanding Gitmo

The battle may have commenced after the 9/11 attacks, however the conflict and threat still remains as the Department of Homeland Security and concerned agencies are finding ways to create active measures that enable the protection of American citizens both locally and internationally. One way of doing this is the construction of Guantanamo Facility. It is by understanding the nature and structure of this building that individuals can realize how the American government has been responding to the potential terror and violence.

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            Reflecting on the idea of what is Gitmo, I will have to say that it is an instrument used by the United States military and associated agencies to actively prosecute and combat proven and potential terrorist threats. This place offers a confinement for individuals who were characterized to belong to factions and groups that are closely associated or have a connection to the Taliban group. Since this is the case, it is essential that a detention facility be created to actively suit the purpose of maintaining and restoring order in a war-infested Afghanistan.

            Since the aftermath of 9/11, the United States has made attempts to combat the situation by making war with the Taliban; who were considered the main culprits of scene. It is through the conflict and war at Afghanistan that the overall idea of Gitmo was created. This was created to (1) serve its purpose of prosecuting and bringing justice to Taliban and Al Qaeda forces and (2) collect/gather the necessary information on important leads that can help capture leaders of the group such as Osama bin Laden (PBS, 2005).

            Looking at the overall structure and design of Gitmo, it can be argued that it actively suits the two primary objectives mentioned above. For example, the interrogation room offers conditions and ways to extract information accordingly among prisoners concerning their identity and particular associations with Al-Qaeda or Taliban. Reacting on this, the actions made by the American military may or may not adhere to human rights or the mandate for prisoners’ rights however it was built accordingly to suit such purpose.

            Also, the video and interviews provided information how Gitmo is a dangerous place that detains individuals and groups who have the capability to inflict pain and violence. There are now continued debates as to whether this place does cater to “dangerous” individuals. On one hand, administrators and the military adhere to such while the other party seeks to convey that such idea is only used to appease the public outcry for justice.

            Likewise, the question of torture and violence continue to emanate within the Gitmo system. It is in this process that the overall idea of application of intelligence gathering and questioning comes into the picture. In here, the military advocates it had followed the right protocols and guidelines available. However, contending parties seem to think otherwise as incidence of scandals and intrigues begins to come out into the open.

Seeing this, though many continue to argue concerning its validity and overall basis for this, Gitmo was able to provide an effective avenue wherein the American military was able to assure its citizenry that they are doing their best to combat the present threat and have the necessary parameters for intelligence gathering and prosecution.

In the end, the idea of Gitmo was an essential instrument used by the United States to help address the post 9/11 conflict. Likewise, it served as he solidifying mark that helped reassured Americans that the state and government is dedicated in addressing the prevention of another 9/11 event. Despite being shrouded with controversy and questions, this place was able to solidify efforts to provide change amidst the fight against the war on terror.


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