Understanding customer service industry, it’s imperative to

Understanding your customer is becoming more and more a
reality given the massive amount of data available through social media,
customer interactions, sensory captures, e-commerce, CRMs, demographics and so
much more. This information often referred to as “Big Data” can now be analysed
almost realtime – thanks to the cutting-edge computing power available with

In an ever changing and dynamic customer service industry,
it’s imperative to get a 360-degree view of your customers and business to achieve
excellence in customer experience and operations.

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“Some of the most innovative and significant customer
experiences are driven by different types of customer analysis,” said Gareth
Herschel, research director at Gartner. Analytics, beyond doubt has been
embraced by one & all and a combined study of the number of data points and
historical patterns has enabled organizations to build differentiated service
models; like the famous Amazon recommendation engine. Dell analyzes social
media data to offer personalized promotional offers, which has almost doubled
their conversion rates. Contact Centres on the other hand are working towards
providing differentiated customer service and experience to their end customers,
with advanced analytics and profiling. There are thousands of such case studies
where analytics has helped organizations to alter their strategy and helped
them offer differentiated and customized customer offerings.

One of the focus areas of Customer Experience Management in the
BPM space is Interaction and Social Media Analytics. With billions of customer
interactions and data available through multiple channels, organisations need
to understand each customer touch point to arrive at a 360-degree view of their

Intelenet was recently recognized by NelsonHall as a leader
in Customer Management Service Analytics. Over the last couple of years, Intelenet
Knowledge Service has succeeded in building pioneering customer analytics solutions
and offerings that is changing the way how we provide differentiated services
to our customers.

A couple of examples:

Predictive Analytics:
For one of the global hospitality company, Intelenet has built a recommendation
engine based on customer behaviors and previous buying patterns.  The engine creates a dynamic catalogue of
existing hotels with suggestions for alternate properties if the initially
requested hotel is sold out. The tool also builds a real-time demand and
conversion forecast by region. This has enabled the customer services advisors to
offer effective response in case the requested property is expensive or sold
out. This has led to a significant improvement in customer experience and sale

Interaction Analytics:
Intelenet has also developed an in-house text analytics tool – ‘iPrompto’
which uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to analyse the text
in any form – Complaints, Customer Verbatim, e-mails, webchat, text for social
media etc. The tool also uses Speech Analytics aided with analytics and CxM
capabilities, to uncover get hidden insights from thousands of customer interactions.
For one the leading telecom companies, Intelenet has analysed social media
customer comments, and was able to identify reasons for customer discomfort.

Differentiated service is about making your company easier
to do business with, anticipating the needs of your customers, and providing
customized solutions or offerings suiting individual needs. Customers still
expect that same human touch and it’s important to see how organisations
embrace analytics to offer such differentiated services economically and