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Traffic congestion in the Philippines nowadays are continuously rising. We as a primary user of the roads, we need to set our efforts to prevent this kind of traffic. We need to pay attention to it just to prove that we can still lessen this kind of problem. Lack of infrastructure is one of the primary cause of traffic congestion in the Philippines, but we cannot simply say that infrastructure is the one who we need to blame for the whole entire problem. Although constructing many roads is too simple just to solve the said problem. For me, we people are also the cause of this traffic because even a simple traffic rules we are not following it for us to have a convenient life. But inadequate road infrastructure is the most issue behind the traffic congestion.

Traffic Engineering’s major line is about the little space that was given and was left for the new roads Urban centers should know from our mistakes. New developers still providing a stiff road just to get out more sales for the residential area. Although we still have space for new roads. We should make sure that we are given basically enough space like an emergency lane. Emergency lane should be reserved for those vehicles that are having some trouble. Even more this is important for vehicles that involves accidents. Some of the drivers are does not stop when there is an ambulance they don’t know how to give way that’s why they also caused traffic because some motorist are still doing what’s wrong.  But we all know that some vehicles are not following the rules about the reserved lanes. They are still using some lanes even they don’t have emergencies.

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There are also some happenings that brought by other factors like in traffic education which refers to the increasing public awareness about the traffic rules and regulation which includes the policies and implementation of programs for the traffic solution. But we are Filipinos. Only half of the Filipino who follows this kind of instruction. Other people don’t even consider about the affair of others. The Education should come when people are starting to learn on how to drive and they should get tested first before getting their licensed. But in reality, there are some people who cannot afford to enroll their self in a driving school so they are lacking knowledge about driving. And there are also some people who are taught by some people to do some dirty works, just like using fixers just to get their own licensed or to survive driving on our roads rather than simply following the rules.

The next factor is Enforcement. In our country there is no lack of traffic enforcers. We have so many of them who approaches the motorist, but the common problem is not about the traffic enforcement but about the extorsion or what we called “kotong”. There are some traffic enforcers who are constantly doing this kind of dirty works (pangongotong) because they are not afraid for the results that will be given to them because others have their backups which was designated on a higher position so they don’t even have their conscience in doing that kind of thing. But there are some times that they cannot even manipulate their wrong doings because sometimes there are some evidence that will reveal that they are doing wrong to some motorist. Attempting to catch the mistakes of motorist through CCTV’S, dash cam that can capture their license plate number have failed because we Filipinos especially those people who has a lower income doesn’t have their own permanent address. We Filipino should be more consistent with enforcement of traffic rules. We should practice to follow the traffic lights. We have to stop the practice of some enforcers who’s making the motorist to create their own counter flows. And Traffic Enforcement was a hard issue.

Next is the Environment. Traffic Environment is what we are surely lacking off. The problem is that our road and traffic management are constantly coming up with some new ideas like additional new lanes or whatsoever. The proposal about the changing of the plate number coding scheme is only an example of the most complicated systems that will benefit the enforcers who are doing their dirty jobs, the kotong.

And lastly the Economy. Traffic economy can affect also our traffic system. Traffic’s relationship to our economy for the whole country is so even more complicated. Traffic makes people late to our own personal activities and work. It is so super stress. It stressed us out first before we can go to our destination. Just like the deliveries. The deliveries designated to be delivered can’t arrive on time because of this traffic. It can make our expenses for our gas to increase because it causes a lot of money. The longer the deliveries stays on the road, the more it last on public transport delayed production could also have an adverse impact on the market demands. Where some consumers will force to get other products from the different suppliers just to fulfill their own demands. The more pollutants on our population that we will be exposed to, can affect our general public health, and it can cause for us to release money just to pay for our expenses for our medical bills. And for the worse result, it maybe can have caused for us to have a shorter life. The public transport companies and other business companies are wasting their moneys because of the delayed time, and even the government is losing their own taxes because of the lost money that was caused by the traffic.

This is how the five pillars of traffic relate to our current traffic. This traffic problem in the Philippines will no longer be lost because it is now a primary problem that we are facing right now. But we can lessen it by assuring ourselves to follow the instructions that was given to us. Because we all deserved to have a better community and a better life.