toddlers are at the sensor motor stage of Piaget’s theory Essay

At around two and half years of age, toddlers are at the sensor motor stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development that involves rudimentary thoughts. Sara exhibits this kind of behavior towards her friends she is rigid and inflexible and strives to be more independent which presents a major challenge to her parents. Her demand is everything has to be right in the place she consider proper.

At 2 ½ years toddlers are extremely domineering and demanding and that is why Sara is taking her friends toys while playing without considering their pleas. Her decision is final and needs no debate or even substitution even if her decisions are awkward. Sara’s behavior as described by Piaget’s theory of cognitive development shuttle back and forth continually between two extremes in her decision. Her behavior extremes range between “I will – I won’t”, “I want – I don’t want it”, “Go out – stay in”.

At 2 ½ years toddlers, Sara is exhibiting a preservative behavior she can go on taking her friends toys on and on whenever they go out playing. It is very difficult to introduce new things to a child at this stage; it is for this reason why Sara behavior may take time to change.

At four years of age it is difficult to discipline and manage a child but with patience and the right tools you can get through to them .Sara must understand that bad behavior towards her friends will always result in missing out on fun .She has started to develop an attitude and can appreciate property owned by her friends. She is able to basically get into her friends world thus reducing her preservative behavior. She is less domineering and demanding and her friends will willingly accept her company.

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