To I do what I must do





sum it up all, having self-discipline and knowing what you need to do to be
successful is a critical tool. I will make sure that my short-term and
long-term goals are met. Although throughout life we may face challenges, as
people, we need to know how to come over them. Writing myself a strategy plan
could also allow me to be successful in completing anything that I want to do
in life.

able to communicate is a very important tool to have thought out your life and
matter what you are doing (school, work, etc.) According to Denny, “We
have TV and radio stations that transmit news immediately, newspapers,
journals, trade magazines, newsletters, books, direct mail, specialist publications
and the world-wide world web. We are getting to the point of information
overload but are we communicating more effectively? No.” (Denny,
2006)  I agree with Denny because of it
true nowadays. The three strategies I would take to improve each day on my communication
skills is being a listener, making sure my body language shows that. I will be
genuine when someone is talking by showing my interest in the person that is
talking, and I will learn active constructive communication skills. Practicing
all three of these strategies will allow me to be successful.

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are many weakness and strength that I had. Some of my weakness that I face is
expecting too much from others. The reason I mention this as a weakness because
I do everything and anything for others I genuinely care about, but they do not
do the same for me, and I expect that, but I should not. Another weakness that
I face is organization. Sometimes I have my paperwork all over, and it takes me
more time than it should find it. If I was a little bit more organized, it
might help me overall. Also, I have excellent strength. I feel my strength is
dedication. The reason I feel that dedication is one of my strength because
once I am into something I make sure I do what I must do to complete anything
that I start. Another strength that I have is caring. I love people in general,
and I will do anything to help someone if I can which is one of my advantages.

milestone I will take when dealing with my short-term goals I will make sure
each day I plan out a checklist of what my day and making sure that I met them
by checking off my list once I have completed that task. I will push myself
hard because challenging work pays off. As far as my long-term milestone steps
I will focus on my short-term goals because if I can carry out my short-term
goals, my long-term follows right behind and allows all my goals to be met.

we face challenges throughout our lives, I firmly believe that everyone can
overcome their challenges if they put their mind to it. According to Moore et
al., “A key component of success in this regard is the level of motivation
of hose tasked with addressing challenges.” (Moore et al., 2017) The first
challenges I mention about surrounding yourself with others that are trying to
do the something like you or better. Over the time I have learned that because
I know someone longer than the other does not mean I have to hang out with
them. I will ensure myself to hang out with people that are doing the same
thing that I am trying to do to be successful. The second challenge I face is
putting myself first. I will learn if I am doing something for myself I will
have to complete before worrying about the next person. Lastly, time management
I will set myself time and schedule and go by my schedule and will make sure I
am completing everything I need to do on time.

of us have goals and achievement to meet. Along with the goals and success
comes challenges. The challenges I have is surrounding myself with people that
are not trying to better themselves. For example, I have a friend I grew up
with. We went off to college together and both completed with our BA degree.
Once we completed our degree, she began to hang out with the wrong crowd that
was not trying to better their lives which she became just like one of them.
The challenges I face with that is she is still my friend, and I feel like I
should be there for her no matter what. Another challenge I face putting myself
first. For example, I was in the middle of doing homework to try to be ahead of
my game, and I had a friend call me to take them somewhere to pick up
something. Being the good friend, I am I stopped what I was doing to go pick my
friend up. Lastly, a challenge I tend to have is time management. For example,
sometimes I do not have enough time to do everything I said I was going to do
because I do not know how to management my time very well.

to the article read about habit defined,” Habits from much of your
day-to-day life including what you eat, what you wear, what you do and when,
where you put things, and much more. People perform habits over and over again
without really thinking about what they are doing.” (Carter et al., 2011)
The short-term goals I would like to meet is having good habits but not bad
habits. I plan to complete my work and learn how to achieve all my task on
time. I will use my time and all my knowledge to make sure I am meeting my
goals/ good habits. I will do my best keeping my set schedule I make for myself
to be successful and not go off track. I will make sure it becomes a habit
which I will continue to do the right things repeatedly which creates good
habit if you are doing what you set to do. 
On the other hand, I would as like to set long-term goals such as
earning my degree in health administration and business administration. Once I
receive my degree, I will make sure I strive my best to get a good paying job
and once in employed I will save money for my future business. Once I open a
business, I will prove to my employees that I am a good role model and if they
need my help to be successful that I am always here for them.

name is Kiosha Crawford. I am from Tampa, Florida. In May 2009 I graduated from
Alonso high school with my diploma and went off to college at Florida A&M
University in Tallahassee, Florida. I received my bachelor’s in criminal
justice with a minor in political science. I moved to Orlando, Florida where I
begin working at the receptionist center as an officer. (a place where
committed felons get shipped to before they go to the prison they are assigned
to). I thought I had the passion for the criminal justice field but once
precisely getting the opportunity to work in this area, I realize this was not
my calling. This is one of the leading reason I decided to continue to pursue a
master’s in health administration and business administration. There are many
other reasons why I would like to pursue my degree in health administration and
business administration. For example, one reason I a striving my older sister
inspired me to continue this degree because she has her own business working
with health and helps the community in the minority areas. Helping others has
always been my passion. For me to be successful in earning this graduate-level
degree, I plan on setting goals such as having good habits.