To focuses on a modern learning management

To keep top talent organizations need to continuously provide learning and development. Vibe provides for the organization informal learning and development that is combined with traditional methods. Informal learning helps monitor and improve the development of human resources. This is for organizations who are looking for innovative solutions. Traditional learning methods help direct employees to learn through memorization and recitation techniques. Combining both will create a more effective training process for the organization’s employees. This system is able to track your employees growth and opportunities. It gives the company an ideas of how their developing within the position and how the company can help to improve what is needed.     Employees will be able to access the system and be able to utilize any learning tools that will be provided through the system. As well as getting connected with different opportunities and create their own personal network. This system will also allow them to create an individual development plan. With this plan they will be able to seek out any strengths and weakness. As well as identify their goals and what they want from the company. The system will also provide useful tool for the business and employees. Such as administrator, reporting, educational courses and training programs. These items will help human resource be more proactive and help employees take charge of their careers. ULTIMATE    Ultimate Software provides a tool called ultipro and it has several solution features in human resources. One tool  is a learning tool that gives employees an opportunity to choose how they want to learn. It focuses on a modern learning management scale and a person centric approach to help with training as well as development. A modern learning management is a style to help keep learning simple and efficient. This system will help streamline onboarding, training, and developing process. Communication will become easier for the organization and be able to combined knowledge. It will also be able help employees retain information and allow feedback. With feedback the organization will be able to continuously improve the learning process.     This system provides a structure the will know employee access and automatically assign courses by individuals, groups, as well as business location. It also provides social and collaborative tools to help solve problems or work on different task. Technology is growing the learning and development process by using mobile devices for learning. This company provides mobile access to learning and development to keep employees engaged. They will be able to form a training academy for the organization using the brand. As well as organize different solutions to meet the single business needs. Their focus is on developing and engaging employees with modern learning.     UltiPro provides a career development tool that charts employees growth and organizations are able to manager the development opportunities. This is to help gain understanding on the specific jobs skills, knowledge, and qualifications of the role. Having this systems for employees and managers will give them more responsibility to take control of their own career growth. This will also help managers have the information needed to help make greater decision about staff development needs. HALOGEN    Learning has become a priority to help increase skills, stay in a competitive market, and improve employee engagement. Most employees want their company to help with their development  and their career paths. They also want to be provided with the tools that they need to successful. Companies that don’t provide these things end up losing their top talent and not being up to date in order to compete. With Halogen they provide data to help develop a skilled and engaged workforce. This solution helps provide connection on the job and coaching for employees. This product also provides a formal learning system that connects directly to the company’s business strategy.     A formal learning strategy focus on goals and objectives that are defined by training. This is not just considered a classroom setting but web-based, training, remote labs, workshops, and seminars. Formal learning is easier to capture and organizations will be able to keep track of what is being taught. Learning will be integrated into the companies daily work. It will also  provide managers with different informations and tools to be effective coaches. All learning will be more focus on strategic function instead of administrative. The system also provides several link and learning activities to help motivate employees and measure impact. It also promotes responsibility and accountability for employees to be in charge of their own career development.     This system will help improve individual, team, and organizational performance. It will provide learning and development tools to fill in the gaps that have been identified.  The system combines the job learning, coaching, feedback, and formal learning to help create a massive learning team for the organization. Having this system will provide improvements, innovation, and long term success.  Employees will be able to view different skill development courses, learning styles, and preferences. This system will help give companies an understanding where training is needed. As well as the resources needed to improve training and development. Applicant Tracking Module – NikitaVIBE    This system will provide insight to the workforce and produce top talent. It’s objective is to combine traditional talent with peer based feedback. With this system the organization will be able to find top talent and develop potential employees to help increase productivity. As well be able to manage and motivate the talent that has been found. The system provides talent profile to gain more information about the people working in the company. The organization will have access to traditional human resource data and social contribution data. Having both sources combined it will produce unique visibility in the workforce. Talent profiles will connect you with top talent, help find specialist, give you insight on your employees, and help the organization with new opportunity.     This system is able to link with a job board named LinkedIn. Which is where business and employees connect professional throughout a global workforce. Linking both systems will provide the organization with the right talent. Talent profiles is able to give employers information on skills and experience on potential candidates. It is also able to keep track of any peer recognition and work contributions of their current employee. This is a positive feature as it helps manager keep track of certain information when it comes to evaluations. It also can keep track of any personal and employment information on workers. This is important because it helps the organization know their employees.     There is also a tool called assessment and succession where it helps find hidden talent. This helps with any recruiting and selection process because it provides the company with top talent as well as experts. The company will be able to see who will fit in certain positions that their looking for. It let the organization know if there is a match or if the candidate should be placed in a different role. It will determine distinctive sills and who will be considered a top contributor to the company. This process help single out who would fit into the organizational culture. This makes the recruiting and selection process more easier as well as save time. ULTIMATE    Technology has become a popular solution in being competitive in recruiting. UltriPro system can help the company stay in a competitive market for talent. Organizations are constantly losing employees without being aware. Staying on top of a recruiting process can help find top talent and decrease retention. Traditional recruiting is no longer effective because applicants are unable to engage in the organization. This leads to the organization having a difficult time finding top talent. Organizations constantly have to find ways to retain employees and seek out employees who want to keep the organization productive.     UltiPro has a unique system called candidate-centric which is to help engage employees with technology that they would like to use. This will help create a healthier long term relationship with the candidates when they first start with the company. Some features include providing an engaging and personalized experience when first meeting.   It will help candidates with any struggles or issues that they may have when applying. It also provides social tools and applications for mobile devices to help search or apply for new opportunities. The organization will have access to skills and experience of potential candidates. They will also see which candidate has top quality that will be determine long term success and fit the organization culture. The system will provide behaviors,motivation, and career aspirations.  It will mainly manage candidates applications and help plan for future talented needs. HALOGEN    This companies focus is to  help organizations choose the right people and set them up for success in the company. As of today employers no longer have that power when it comes to recruiting and attracting new talent. Attracting top talent has become overwhelming due to the shift in employee demographics and transparence in the job market. Not choosing the best fit for the organization can leave a company financially and competitively at risk. Halogen provides a recruiting and onboarding solution to help attract and engage new hires. This system is a quicky process in choosing the right candidate for the company. It will deliver reliable candidates with experience.     With this tool it will help fast track time to employee productivity. Hiring times will decrease as well as voluntary turnover. It’s focus will make sure that feedback, collaboration, and engagement will be part of an employee experience. This system will attract candidates that understand and share the cultural values. As well as meet the required job qualification and know the organization. They provide candidate profiles to help track interview feedbacks, screening, assessment results, and their skills. Recruiters and hiring managers will have a more simpler task to identify top talent. Everything will be automatically processed that will make job posting easier and screening capabilities. The system will also help keep new hires engaged in achieving goals as well as develop activity guides for employees.  This system will help select the right fit for the company and help identify current employees talents.