Throughout Another point of this debate is

    Throughout time the controversies over homosexuality have grown exponentially. Now that homosexuality is mostly accepted people are starting to learn more and more about it. The problem is that there is no 100% accurate side because the research has not enforced any claims made by scientists. One of the biggest questions about this matter is, What causes homosexuality? Years ago sexual orientation was simply known as sexual preference.  Could it be cause by environmental factors such as parents and your neighborhood or is it more genetic, making it decided at birth. Another point of this debate is do people have to ability to choose if they’re gay.  The controversy over being born gay or chosing it is important because its a part of human psychology and could explain more things the human brain can accomplish .If being homosexual is not a choice, but instead is chosen biologically, there should be no laws to treat straights or gays any different from each other, equivalent to one’s race, over which we have no control. Sexual orientation and gender identity are both controlled by the Hypothalamus. It has been found “that a cluster of cells in the preoptic area of the human hypothalamus contains about twice as many cells in young adult men as in women.” (Hoffman MA). This cluster (SDN) determines heavily what our sexual orientation is, said by scientists. Current time evidence has shown there are differences in the human brain that occur during the fetal and neonatal development, that programs our gender identifications. Through studies of straight and gay males and females we have determined that “male and female brains showed sexual dimorphism in the pre-optic area of the hypothalamus, where males demonstrated a greater than two-fold difference in cell number and size compared to females.” (Rich Deem) Sexual differentiation occurs in the womb resulted from hormonal influences.