Through cosmetics, hair, hats, glasses, the phone

        Through out the years, phones have changed
and upgraded to satisfy people around the world’s needs. From passwords to
finger prints to even facial recognition to unlock a phone. The first facial
sensor technology was introduced in 2005 in Japan, it was called the “OKAO.”
The iPhone X with facial recognition was just released November 3rd,


     The iPhone X is
one of the most secure facial recognition phones. Even with differences like
cosmetics, hair, hats, glasses, the phone can still recognize your specific
facial features. It also meets international standards so, you can buy apps or
music just by scanning your face.

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     The iPhone 5s was
the first model with fingerprint recognition.this was launched in 2013. About 2
years later, the model called the iPhone 6 came out with a faster second
generation Touch ID.  Further on, the
iPhone SE, iPhone 7’s, and 8’s all came out with the Touch ID or fingerprint
recognition. The Touch ID was removed from the iPhone X because the chance of
someone random unlocking your phone with it was a 1 in 50,000 chance as in the
facial recognition is 1 in 1,000,000.     

As of right now, the iPhone X has the safest and most secure
facial recognition. It can work with appearance changes and still recognizes
your most detailed parts to your face. It also works in complete darkness where
is the androids don’t do as well. Finger prints could soon be out of the
picture in our future. But we still have a few devices with them today.