Thomas More: A Man for all seasons Essay

In the play, A Man for All Seasons, characters have been evaluated by their own goods. Theses goods have been interpreted into apparent goods and real goods. Apparent goods, are classified as wants that create temporary happiness. Real goods, are recognized as needs that effect everyone positively. The main protagonist character is Thomas More, who has been named the new chancellor and is already awaiting complicated situations. In this brief essay I will provide reasons to why weather Thomas More is entitled a hero or a fool.

Thomas More is a man who lived by God and his morals. Being exceedingly educated, he had a way with words and reason. Thomas More was never a fool, but a hero because he held his morals, beliefs, and will high. Wikipedia describes a hero as “in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self-sacrifice that is heroism for some greater good of all humanity.” Beliefs are more important than life, because a person should not live a lie or be untrue to themselves. Although, More did die, he died a good man. He believed in God and knew he had no reason to do wrong. There could have been many opportunities for Thomas More to speak his opinion, but he stood strong and remained silent. Few people live this way, because they put apparent goods ahead of real goods.

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For example, Richard Rich another character of the play lived off of apparent goods. He wanted and only desired money and power, resulting in being greedy; he did not live by any morals. Yes, I would do the same as Thomas More in an analogous situation. I would not comprise any of my beliefs, values, or morals when being put under pressure. I would want to die honest and truthful to myself and under God just like Thomas More. Thomas More was a not selfish man and he always strived to do the best he could. Inclusion, Thomas More’s death was tragic, but inspiring because he never gave up and accepted the truth.