Thomas Jefferson Essay

The Wonderful World of Thomas Jefferson

“The tall, red-haired Virginian believed that ‘those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God’” (Cunningham 76). This belief drove his worth ethic to be unbelievably great during his presidency. Being the third president of the United States of America made Thomas Jefferson’s life change forever. Not only was he a president, he was also the author of the Declaration of Independence and the author of the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom. On top of all those great accomplishments, he was also a great father and husband. Those particular things helped change America forever.

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Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13th, 1743 in Shadwell, on his dad’s plantation. His birth father was Peter Jefferson (land surveyor) and his birth mother was Jane Rudolph (Randolph and high social class). Jefferson had three brothers and six sisters, but most of them died early in life (“Thomas Jefferson” 89). From age two to age nine, Jefferson lived in Tuckahoe. At age nine, he then moved back to Shadwell. He learned to read and write very quickly. He was always a very smart student. At the age of nine, he already knew how to ride a horse. He enjoyed hunting deer and turkey with his father at school (“Thomas Jefferson” 90).

Thomas Jefferson started school at the age of five. At age nine, he started boarding school (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). When Jefferson was only fourteen years old, his father, Peter Jefferson, died. Soon after his death, Thomas Jefferson was sent to classical school. He studied there until college (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). Jefferson was tutored by Reverend James Maury (“Thomas Jefferson” During the time of being tutored by Reverend James Maury, he did a lot of outdoor sports including: walking in the mountains, hunting, riding, and swimming. He finally entered William and Mary College at the age of seventeen, and for the first two years he studied mathematics, literature, and philosophy (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). The rest of
his college years, he studied law (“Thomas Jefferson”

At the age of twenty-eight, Thomas Jefferson married a twenty-three year old widow on New Year’s Day (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). Her name is Martha Wayles Skelton. They were married for eleven years before she passed away. Thomas Jefferson and Martha Skelton ended up having six kids, but only two of them, Martha and Maria, lived. Their daughter Martha had eleven children (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). Mostly all of Martha’s children stayed in the White House during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. Thomas Jefferson’s other daughter Maria died in her mid-20s after the birth of her second child (“Thomas Jefferson” 90). Martha Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson’s wife) died not long after the birth of her sixth child. Thomas Jefferson wrote a quote on her tombstone stating: “If the house of Hades, men forgets their dead, yet will I even there remember my dear companion” (“Jefferson” 91). He never remarried after her death.

“Jefferson had hazel eyes, freckles on his face; his nose was long and pointy; nobody ever thought of him as handsome” (“Thomas Jefferson” He never wore a wig and his hair was reddish, getting sandier as he got older (“Thomas Jefferson” He always had a lot of friends, and acquainted most of the influential people in America (“Thomas Jefferson” He was rather tall and awkward. People called him the “silent member” of Congress (“Thomas Jefferson”

Along with being a president, Thomas Jefferson was also a lawyer, agronomist, musician, scientist, philosopher, author, architect, inventor, and statesman (“Thomas Jefferson” Although, he was famous for being a president, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the author of the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom. His wife and two children were very ill during the time that the Declaration of Independence was adopted. Jefferson became president in 1801. He was a Democratic- Republican (Cunningham, Jr. 82). Aaron Burr was his Vice President. When Jefferson finally entered the White House it was still being partially built (Cunningham, Jr. 82). While in the White House, he kept a pet mockingbird
for company. He wife was already dead for eighteen and a half years when he finally became president. (Cunningham, Jr. 83).

Thomas Jefferson died at the age of eighty-three on July 4th, 1826, the same day that his close friend, John Adams, died (“Thomas Jefferson” It was the fifteenth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (“Thomas Jefferson” Jefferson died at Monticello, the same place he retired from being a president (Nardo 8). He died seventeen years after he retired being a president.

Thomas Jefferson was important from birth to death. His life was interesting and full of adventure. Although he died in 1826, he will still be learned about through time. The things he did made America grow stronger He made huge accomplishments throughout his life. He will truly be remembered forever.

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