This life.Also participants were asked to report

This literature review explains that the social
networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Flicker, LinkedIn, Friendster,
Twitter and many more are affecting on users mental health or not.For evidence,
we studied and compare the following three well known author’s research paper
on the same topic which gave us a clear idea. Research 1 :- “Is there any ‘Facebook Depression’? Exploring the
moderating roles of neuroticism, Facebook social comparison and envy” By author Dr. Tak Sang Chow  and Dr. Hau Yan Wan(Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong)   This article
is published on 3 august 2017 in the journal name “Personality and Individual
Differences” This research is based on studies which included real
participants. Using different methods and mathematical statistics helped author
to find out more about the problem  that
use of Facebook shows the depression symptoms or not.Background: – In year 2011, the American Academy of Paediatrics published
a communication and media report warning that excessive exposure to Facebook
might led to depression especially among the children and adolescents. (O’Keeffe,
This reports cited some media reports which misunderstood the original studies.
This article created a lot of controversies on Facebook use. So that to find
out more about use of Facebook causes depression or not in more scientific
way  and to provide accurate result Dr.
Tak and Dr. Hau from Hong Kong Shue Yan University started research on it. After
research they published their result in the given journal. Methods used at the time of studies:-To find out, Use of facebook is depressive or not
?  Dr. tak and Dr. hau invited two
hundred and eighty two participants in those participants  195 are male , 87 are females participants
between the age of 18 to 73 and these participants are from different
nationalities.    The first
step of study was particepent completed one online questionneries regarding
personality,Facebook use,Facebook socil comparison,envy,depression and
satsisfaction in life.Also participants were asked to report the average time
spent in minutes on facebook .

All the study assessed and measured by participants answers
such as depressive symptoms were measured using depression anxiety and stress
scale by participants answer on depressive symptoms question. The authors uses
some mathematical formulae and analysis techniques to find out accurate result.
Following is one of the analysis done by authors.

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