This electric field Gel Electrophoresis This technique

This technique is useful for charges of molecules of living organisms and size of molecules of living organisms and charges of molecules in living orgainisms they are migrated adopted by anodes and cathode poles of charges in electric field Gel Electrophoresis This technique is useful for separation of molecules and studies of DNA  , protein and lipids in analysis of biomolecules technique .After sequencing is completed of DNA at human genome of different type is dependent on gel electrophoresis.Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis The two dimensional of gel electrophoresis of proteome that are started in several laboratories.Chromatography This type of technique are sensitive and effective in separating and mixture of molecules most common used in quantitative liquid or gaseous in solution method that are consist of mixture tests and they are flow through tube and solid material are purely divided and chemicals are active groups and in which coated on upper surface . mixture separate are different component by different rate they are travel through pourous stationary depending on interact column diffuse in small molecules . They will be delayed in matrix column are quickly in molecules that are larger.Exchange chromatographyUltra centrifugation and gel electrophoresis both are useful in determination of molecular weight in biomolecules separating of biomolecules in charge stationary material of chromatography column . this pathway is known as exchange chromatography. Cell fractionation Cellular component used to separate in biochemical techniques . Cellular location was demonstrated in this type of technique they are also useful in the purpose of protein purified , disease stage diagnosis at cellular level .Homogenization Typically used to homogeniesd tissue in solution of buffer to stop osmotic damaged . the grinding , mincing , chopping , presuure exchange are the mechanisms of homogenization grinding of cell presence of normal PH , ionic , temperature . Filtration   That is done by pouring through suction of filter.Purification That is done by different centrifugal forces .Spectrophotometry It is the measurement of properties and function of wavelength. they are deals with visible light , ultraviolet .It is the quantitative analysis of biomolecules in biochemical techniques . Spectrometer are photometry so they are known to spectrophotometry .It is use for measurement of solution of reflection.Application in biochmistryUsed in isolation of of proteinInvolved in RNA , DNA Involved in enzyme reactions