This chooses to act on his own,

This article talks about how President Trump, after failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Congress, now chooses to act on his own, along with small businesses to try to go around the laws health requirements. He will do this by buying health insurance and allow for the sale of other health plans that do what he needs. Some democrats and state regulators believe it will undermine President Obama’s health care law, saying that relaxing standards for the associations health plan, it will make the healthy pay low costs and driving up the costs for the sick. Creating a destabilization of the Care Act.  They also worry that the Trump administration intends to loosen restrictions on short-term health insurance plans, that do not satisfy requirements of the ACA.  A decision by Obama appointees in 2011 discouraged the use of association health plans as a substitute for ACA policies, the reasons of what people are thinking now. They would avould the laws the act mandates.The Obama administration said that coverage offered to dozens or hundreds of small businesses through a trade or professional association would not be treated as a single large employer health plan for the purpose of insurance regulation. The Trump administration is also looking for ways to ease restrictions on short-term health insurance plans that do not meet requirements of the ACA. To combat this the Obama administration said some insurers were abusing short-term plans which keeps the  healthier consumers of the ACA. While the administration’s goal may be to give people a broader choice of plans, it could have the opposite effect on people who need or want the robust coverage available under the ACA.This shows how our government is susceptible to a conflict when a change of power happens. When President Obama was in office, he had a different approach to dealing with the short term plans. He put high restrictions towards them and forced them out of the picture. Now with President Trump, he wants to ease the restrictions in place. This causes controversy as now something that was restricted is coming back and this troubles some Democrats that don’t know what they could bring to such a strong law in the ACA. Even though I do not rely on the Affordable Care Act, I can see the cause for the suspicion. If the care plans are not secure and they are backed by the government, then people will begin to lose some trust in the them. It all goes down to the underlying conflict between the Democrats and the Trump Administration, and how they view previous laws that were in place.