This at the ocean. I could feel

This article will be focused on the overwhelming majesty of the sea to all my friends who have never seen the sea and to say the people who have beach on their backyard, what it feels when you see the ocean for the first time at the age of 18.I am from a country which has no connections with the sea. The nearest sea is 400 miles away from the country border. I saw the ocean in movies and knew how big it is. I knew all the facts of ocean like how deep is an ocean and many more but didn’t know how it would feel to be in a beach.It was a busy day as I had just arrived to Sri Lanka and had to prepare for the University. I was with my friend Sudheera whom I knew when I was in Nepal. We went to Unity Plaza to buy a laptop. We bought a laptop and went to the sixth floor to add some software. The person said it would take some time so I just went to the window to have a city view, instead I saw a huge plain. It just kept going and going and going until it touched the sky. It freaked me out until I realized I was looking at the ocean. I could feel the humidity in the air and listen to the sound of the ocean.As I was excited seeing the ocean, my friend took me to the beach at Mt. Lavinia. As soon as I reached the beach I thought of jumping into the sea. The swimming for the first time made me quite terrified, not because I am afraid of water or a bad at swimming but with the idea that it goes and goes forever. There is an infinite world inside which I can’t see right there, it really creeped me out. It was not the same as swimming in a pool, instead there was lot more force exerted by the waves on my body. I felt like I had no control. The waves would sometimes take me to the sand and again pull back to water. I just tried to sleep in the sand and wait for a big wave to come and push me, copying what others were doing. As the sun went down I could see the magnificent view of the sunset.Leaving all my tiredness into the ocean, we went to a nearby restaurant. Sudheera asked me what would I prefer to eat. I checked the menu and found out that I had never seen the food-items with those names. So I thought of trying a crab. We waited for sometimes while a person was playing a drum and sing a song near our table. I could feel the night life in the beach, it was really amazing with colorful light and it’s reflection in the water that would sometimes be too long when a high waves come. After quite long wait, I was served a crab. I thought for some times what should I do with it. Should I really eat it??? I touched its claws and tried to press my fingers, It would have been painful if I had tried it when it was alive. Then I broke it’s claws and tried eating by copying how others were eating. It was the first time I had ever tried a crab.It was reallyyyyyy an incredible day. After the day I would not have to imagine how an ocean would feel. Three years later, I am still blown away by the ocean everytime I drive past.