There this planet is felt when viewing

There is no opening line that grabs attention at first glance. Rather than words, the image of the earth as a melting ice cream is the first thing to grabs attention. At second glance, however, the ad copy is right at the bottom, in very tiny wording. In the copy, the most meaningful sentence is ‘Nothing and no-one will be spared from climate change.’ This statement is very much what WWF is trying to convey to people worldwide – the fact that global warming is a real and dire issue that every single person on this planet should do their part to prevent. Rather than trying to appeal to the audience’s desire, the ad seems to be trying to guilt-trip the audience, as supported by another analysis suggesting that the ad makes use of ‘the realization of people “consuming” the earth like they would consume an ice cream cone also taps into the pathos appeal.  Shame and sorrow for what people do to this planet is felt when viewing the image. We use Earth tirelessly and brashly consuming it as though its resources will never fade.  The outlook people have of this is childish, and the World Wildlife is making a point of using a childish past-time in which people have for pleasure, like an ice cream cone, to show our indulgences are creating global warming.’ This is rather effective as it leaves a lasting impression on the audience, which is likelier to resonate within the audience, and make them take real action.WWF itself has no need to introduce themselves in their ad due to how well-known their organisation is, so a logo suffices to convince its target audience of its credibility. The call to action is ‘We urgently need to limit greenhouse gas emissions’, addressing ‘all people, all countries, and in particular, to the Belgian Council Of Ministers who, on the weekend of March 20 and 21, will have to decide what action to take regarding essential measures linked to the Kyoto Protocol’, making it obvious that the ad is directed more towards the Belgium council, in hopes that the Kyoto Protocol, aimed at fighting global warming would be passed.