There are both involved with dealing with

There is also big differences within legal factors with case
law and civil law thisis because both operate in a court but in the complete opposite
way as civil law is designed to help people settle disagreement as peaceful
manor.RIDDOR is also linked to be negligent as due to the negligent act being
made . RIDDOR also can be used to report cases of I jury to a local authorities
such as the police etc.

case  law and
negligence are linked to heath and safety for example If there is a case in
court where an employer has seen to be negligent and case law is being carried
out to find out whether or not the employee has been negligent.what actions
that are cariied out after are then decided by the couty.CISHH and RIDDOR are
similar in that they are both involved with dealing with hazards that could
happen or that have already happened this help with making sure that safety in
staff in the workplace is at its highest they do this by providing protection
and making sure that even the little cases of injury are not caused in the
future.this is linked to the Heath and safety at work act as they are all set
up to provide the safest possible working environment.

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regulatory bodies and Legislation are very different, even
the way they both influence health and safety. legislations are acts by the
government as stated above for example HSE act of 1974, and regulatory bodies
decide the way in how their clubs are run. On the other hand legal factors are
highly influenced by legislations this is due to the fact that whatever new
laws are passed and created by parliament, the legal factor must abide and be
carried ou. Regulation have big impacts within sport, due to the fact that
every player needs to be insured by their governing body for example rugby
player must have insurance by the RFU before they are allowed to play any
games. So without insurance a player cannot play, also for example if the world
rugby and RFU created a new scrum law like they did few years ago with call
changing to crouch, bind, set which made the scrum a lot safer by stopping the
amount of colap scrum and heavy impact in the engage. All clubs within the RFU
and players to which they must abide to it. there are certain legal factors
that have a big impact on sports, for example investigating accidents or
anything that was close to be a accident. For example if a stand collapsed,
they would go and investigate the incident, I example of such incident was the Hillsborough
incident. This caused huge impact on the sport of football and changed the way
football stadiums were run and how the crowd and health and safety were
structured. Legislation also have a big effect on sport this is because of the
act of parliament provide, for example HSE and licensing regulations, which
have to be implemented by legal factors and regulatory bodies. therefore because
it affects HSE, it also affects sport and how it is run, for example parliament
implement a  law  in which “all children must at least 2 hours
of sport a week  under the education act
in England”

All of regularly bodies, legislation and legal factors have
influence in health and safety in sport, this is what makes them similar,
legislation as stated  are laws in which
regulate the behaviour of organisations for example they regulate local
authorise and Health and safety. The health and safety act of 1974 was a act by
parliament.Legal factors are local authorities or roles of health and safety,
their roles are to inspect the workplace and to impose that a high standard of
health and safety is met by advising organisations. Local authorities roles are
too promote a high level of health and safety by carrying out inspections to
ensure obedience with health and safety. Their also responsible for managing
the health and safety of leisure centres, local school etc. regulatory bodies
such as RFU or IBF influence health and safety.






controls in risk
assessment are important as they provide people with the knowdlge on how to
counter act a hazard within a particular place,some controls can be very
affective where as other can be not as effective. For example a control measure
for putting away weights at a gym would be to put up a sign that tell people
that they need to put the weights away however this is not effective as people may
not see the signs and leave the weights which makes the control measure not effective,
however if the gym had someone controlling if people are putting away the
weights and that people at the gym are being safe then that would be a more
effective control measure.A advantage to risk assesments are that they identify
potential hazards and provide information on what people should do to counter
those hazards present and prevent injury. A disadvantage however is that control
measure implace cannot be to people or people may choose to ignore them which
could lead to serious injury being sustained.also in some cases there is no clear
control in place to counter act a hazard for example getting chlorine water in
someone eye in a pool there can be no specific control in place to help stop
this hazard apart from their  person in
the swimming pool using their common sense to close their eyes


authority will have
a role in the heath and safety within sport and sport facilities for example
they will control the safety of leisure centres, they also make sure that children
can go to school so they have a place of education. Local authority also
inspect pitches that people play on to make sure that they are safe for example
local football parks pitches etc.local authorities also inspect buisnesses to
check their hygiene is right for customers and employees