The use outsoring payroll, sometimes there is

The pros:

·       Focus on the business

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Many companies use outsorcing  payroll to concentrate on business operations. The need to make companies more effective and competitive require a lot of time and effort, for that reason many companies relief in this type of outsourcing to do for them the payroll jobs.

·       Decrease responsibilities

The payroll process requires a lot of time and personnel, companies use outsorcing payroll to distribute those responsibilities, such as keeping track of paymennts or hours of workers. Outsorcing payroll have the right people to this type or work.


·       Price

A companie with 5 employess is profitable use outsorsing payroll because it is expensive to have 1 person handle the payroll including th expenses of distribution of checks, and documents such as W2.

·       Regulations

The outsourcing payroll are very strict compliance with the regulations for each company. They can prevent sanctions in companies and avoid fines for example, how payments should be distributed, taxes and hours allowed



·       Not control

When companies use outsoring payroll, sometimes there is no control over things such ad avoiding payments errors, paying tax payments or exposing confidential data of the companies.

·       Confidentiality

The confidentiality of the companies is very important and it can happen that the payroll, social security can be stolen by cyber pirates creating a big issue for the companies.

·       Cost

acording to surepayroll the simple payroll price is between $20 and $100 monthly. This depends on the number of employees and the services that are included. for a medium company hire a person to take care of the payroll is better than hiring these types of resources