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The Toyota Plant tour in Cambridge, Ontario, offered an exciting experience for students. The tour had started off with some rules and safety guidelines like hats, coats, and electronic devices were not allowed to be taken with you during the tour. Furthermore, we were told to sit in a room with tables and chairs, where we saw a ten-minute video which provided us with a brief information about the Toyota plant overview, including sections not included on the tour. Afterwards, we were asked to sit in carts towed by a tow-motor, the participants were provided with safety goggles to wear plus headsets to hear the tour guide. Each tow-motor had a driver and a tour guide who narrated about the different operations that took place at the Toyota plant. I saw how the vehicle’s body stamping; welding; painting; assembling and quality assurance operations happened in the tour. This plant manufactures the Corolla, the Matrix, and the Lexus RX350. The Toyota production system is working on pull system as they produce vehicles only when needed, in that case, building vehicles in response to customer orders, ends up reducing inventories, costs and saves time. The tour guide had also mentioned about “KanBan” that had said made complex manufacturing methods possible, without making errors. From my observations, I saw that the Employees performed their work as part of a team on each line along with the help of the robots, the vehicles are subject to numerous checks and tests as they make their way down various production lines. Once completed, vehicles are selected at random and taken to an on-site test track. Each team member was trained and performed multiple processes on their line. Overall, the tour was approximately an hour long, it was a great experience, I did learn a lot from visiting this place, and got a chance to see robots for the first time, I found that pretty fascinating.