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The problem I was researching was the fastest way to get from one place to another, my hypothesis was that the shortest way was the fastest, which is a straight line. I thought that it was a straight line and not a steep line with a sharp turn because even though it accelerates more than a straight line the distance after the sharp turn will cause it to slow down.  In this experiment, I spent most of the time planning out designs for the structure and the layout of how I will conduct my experiment. The most crucial thing about this experiment was all the variables. One variable I knew would impact the outcome the most is friction. Friction could cause major changes to the end result because if I had used materials with a lot of friction the times would be longer. I used a marble sphere because marble would have minimal rolling friction while going down the tracks made of foam board. Another variable in the experiment was the accuracy of the cuts made on the board. Accuracy could impact this experiment because if the cuts were not as close to perfect as possible by a human hand the size, the slopes, and the bumps could become more visible and more of a danger to a near perfect outcome. The size could impact the experiment by changing the times of the balls. It would change the times because at first, I had planned on making the straight line track 9”x18”. I tried it out on that track but I did not see a distinct variation between the 3 tracks. I felt as if the tracks would not give me data that I could compare and be satisfied with the results. I increased the size to 12”x24”. After this increase, the times became more distinct and noticeable. The final variable in this experiment was weight. I had used multiple materials before I had finally decided to use foam and marble. My first material I used was cardboard for the track and metal balls. The balls fell off the drop off of the steep line too fast denting the cardboard and changing the shape of the track. What I mean by changing the shape of the track is the dents made by the weight of the ball hitting the cardboard caused the balls to fall off from the dent.