The the strategic implementation is critical to

top executive officer is one of the powerful titles, but the top executive is
responsible for the success or failure of the company. To be a successful top
executive of the hotel companies, the executive officer needs to use the
strategic management to exploit and create new and different opportunities for
the future. To determine the performance of the top executives, make sure the
strategic management process consists of three stages include the good strategy
formulation, implementation, and evaluation. First, the top executive needs to
develop a vision and a mission, identify a hotel’s external opportunities and
threat, determine internal strengths and weakness, establish the long-term
objectives. Generating alternative strategic and choose particular strategic to
pursue. The formulation would help the hotel companies to carefully look at the
changing environment and to be prepared for the possible changes that may occur
in the future. Then take action of the strategic management to reach goals. We
will see a visible leader if we have a successful implementation plan because
the strategic implementation is critical to a company’s success. Moreover, the
top executive officer needs to figure out the mistake when particular
strategies are not working well, make a correction which is the third stage
called strategy evaluation.     The
primary performance objective of a publicly-traded hotel company is providing
the good quality of service to stay connected with the customer. The good
reputation should be a goal of the hospitality industry, having a good
relationship with the customer is the primary performance objective of the
hotel companies.

broad strategies that the hotel companies historically achieved that
performance objective and made the industry success are the hotel companies
follow the trends to create the new thing for the hotel. For example, online
booking, focus on health and wellness, adding new technology and entertainment
are the new elements to attract more customer.

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addition, the hotel companies build the different brand to attract the
different market segment, it would make the hotel companies stay in the
competition and make more business, fill the gap on the different scale. The
hotel companies also build the different type of hotel for different target
market include business, airport, resort, casino, suite, extended stay, and
conference hotels to meet the customer reequipment.