The the consumer. The factors that influence

study of purchase behaviour of consumer plays a vital role in the marketing
field which paves the path for smarter marketing. Widely, marketing is
categorized into 2 major types. They are (i) face to face consumer-producer
marketing and (ii) online marketing. Coming to online marketing, the quality of
the product determines the purchase strategy of a consumer.  In online marketing, reviews and feedback of
previous customers plays an important role in online marketing.  The behaviour consumers control the type of
strategy to be followed in marketing. A lot of surveys need to be conducted to
determine the most effective strategies. The data is obtained from the past
sales history and databases of marketing of how consumers or people react to a
particular product which is entering into the market. Past behaviour of
consumers decides the sales for future. Sales forecast is an important tool
which estimate s the expected sales of a product in marketing for a particular
period of time.  These forecast methods
are of 2 types. 1. Quantitative forecasting and 2.Qualitative forecasting.
Quantitative  forecasting refers to as,
sales are determined based upon the  past
results. Whereas qualitative  forecasting
refers to as, sales are determined by experts opinions in that particular
field. Research surveys are to be conducted for the purpose of understanding
the purchase behaviour of the consumers. These surveys provides a clear
database about what a consumer needs and they react and respond to a particular
advertisement. Brand recognition plays an important role for promoting a
product into the public. Internet surveys or research is the major thing with
which every small business company start with a lot of research on internet.
Based on the surveys and findings, company decides the right price and sales
promotion for all their products. An organization uses different kinds of
resources to study the purchase behaviour of the consumer.

The factors that influence the purchase or
buying behaviour of consumers in marketing are:

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Convincing consumers that the goods or services
that producers are introducing into the market are worthy plays a crucial role.
This is main job for every advertiser and marketer. Basically the job of a   marketer is to implement the best strategies
required for the company’s growth followed by advertiser who attracts the
people and spreads, introduces their particular product or good to the world or
market. Positioning the brand of product as the right solution to the needs of
consumers plays a major role.

The factors that influence decisions of the
consumers towards a particular product or good are :

and needs:

If the advertiser is able to convince consumers
that their product or service meets any one of their needs, then consumers are
convinced to buy that  particular
product. Advertisement plays a key role in raising the need to buy a product.
Thus the advertiser should have a proper plan to attract people with their

and grabbing attention:

Advertiser is responsible to implant the
impression of a particular product with their first look at advertisement.
Advertisers should grab the attention of the consumers by introducing some kind
of humour in the advertisement and providing some attractive surprises for
sales promotions because consumers watch and listen to advertisements often.
Repetition of the advertisement often also creates impression on the minds of
consumers. Consumers gain decision making 
from those advertisements only.


Conditioning refers to providing gifts and
rewards in compliment plays a very essential in grabbing attention of
consumers. Also using the statements like “but wait, there’s more..” during
advertisement attracts the consumers. These statements differ customer’s
opinion from one product in the market to other.


Proving that their product is beneficial
comparing to rest by practical examples in quality or service helps in
attracting people towards their products.

Thus all these factors constitute the consumer
purchase behaviour towards a product in the market. It is the advertiser’s job
to attract the buyers through advertisement.