The retaliation from the Jews and the

The film ‘The Promise’ is written and directed by Peter Kosminsky and was initially released on February 6th, 2011. Kosminsky is a London born writer, director, and producer. The film is based off the Palestinian-Israeli conflict which has been occurring for many years. After World War 2 and the Holocaust, the Jews wanted a land of their own where they could live in peace. The conflict arose from the issue of the establishment of the state of Israel. The Jews saw Palestine as the “Promised land” for them by God. The main issue within the conflict is who gets how much of the land and how it is controlled. Since this would cause a riot from the Arab side, the British limited the entry of the Jews into the state and most other countries also closed their borders for them, which has been seen in the first flashback in the movie where Jews are coming from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp into Palestine. The main reason why Kosminsky wrote this film was because he wanted to present what 100,000 British soldiers experienced whilst they were serving in Palestine at the time. The film initially set in 2005 but also portrays the events which took place in Palestine after World War 2 between 1947 and 1948 as flashbacks. With the British military trying to settle the peace between the Arabs and the Jews, this brought forth more complications for the British and more retaliation from the Jews and the Arabs.  The film shows the life of a teenage British girl, Erin, who goes to Israel with her friend Eliza who has to attend military training, set in the year of 2005. Before she goes there, she meets her grandfather, Len, who has been paralyzed due to a stroke with her mother. She and her mother go to her grandfather’s house where Erin discovers his diary. Without telling her mother, she takes the diary with her on her trip to Israel. She reads the diary and becomes more and more fascinated in his story, which is also shown in the film as flashbacks. Erin discovers through the diary that her grandfather was a sergeant in the British military in Palestine. The flashbacks revolve around the events during the period when Palestine was under the British Mandate, which also lead them in charge of limiting the immigration of the Jews from Europe. The present day life is a continuation of what has been happening in the flashbacks. The present day and the flashbacks have a link with each other, with the flashbacks showing important events which actually took place and the same sort of events occurring in the present time. The important affairs which took place were also shown in the film. For instance, in the second part of the film, the explosion in the flashback was of the King David hotel, which was done by the Jews, which included Eliza’s grandfather in the act. The King David Hotel bombing was one of the important subjects showed in the film. It was a terrorist attack done by the Zionist group, Irgun, on part of the hotel where the British administrative headquarters for Palestine was located. They showed something similar to that happen in the present day but not done by Jews. At the end of the first part, there is an explosion in the cafe Erin and Paul, Eliza’s brother, went to, leaving many injured and a few dead. It was later discovered that it was done by an Arab brother and sister. Another event which was shown in the film was the Sergeants Affair. The Jewish underground group, Irgun, kidnapped two of the British military soldiers and hung them from a tree for killing a Jewish “freedom fighter” or also known as a Jewish Guerrilla. Like these situations, many others were also shown as the tension between the Jews and the Arabs increased. Likewise situations included the change of the Ein Hawd Arab village to Ein Hod Jewish Village, the Gaza-Israel conflict, house demolition in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which in the film they showed Jews entering homes and killing the Arab residents and destroying their homes. The film showed some British militants later sided with the Israeli. Sergeant Len’s friend, Corporal Jackie Clough, is amongst the ones who joined the Israeli militants, and so on and so forth. This conflict has impacted the daily lives of people as shown in the film, especially with Erin, Paul, Omar and Len. So much has happened to Len whilst he was there, starting with the murders of his own soldiers, being shot, being abducted, finding a storage for weapons. It is shown in the film that he has not been happy throughout his life after coming back to Britain. The reason later on shown is that whilst the Jews were demolishing homes, he told an Arab named Muhammed, who would serve tea to the militants and later became friends with Len, to leave his home with his family. Muhammed’s son, Hassan, who had the key to the house, got lost in the crowd. Len said to Muhammed that he will bring his son to him, but unfortunately, Hassan was shot dead. The same key was found in Len’s diary because he was not able to give it to Muhammed. Len was constantly in this fear on how he will face Muhammed since he never brought his son to him after he said he would. Situations for all Arabs were the same, despite them being Muslims or Christians. Omar, who is an Arab-Christian was treated the same as the other Arabs. In the third part of the film when Erin invites him for a swim at Eliza’s house, her parents were not very pleased, especially her mother. Eliza’s father, however, spoke nicely to him just to be polite. After Omar leaves, Eliza’s father tells Erin that Israeli police are quite cautious at night time and are usually on the lookout for unfamiliar cars in the area. This conflict impacted Paul’s life in a different manner. Despite the fact that he was amongst the Israeli military, he was pro-Palestine and wanted peace between Palestine and Israel, just like Omar. Despite him being in the suicide bombing in the cafe, and being severely injured, he still never said anything against the Arabs or the Palestinians. His mother called them ‘animals’ but he asked her if the Jews who planted bombs in the King David Hotel not animals for doing the same thing? Last but not least, the life which was most affected by this in the film was Erin. Coming from a country where everyone lives together in peace, this was a absolute different experience for her. Reading her grandfather’s diary and going to Israel and actually experiencing some of the situations made her life change in a way that she was more closer to her grandfather and mother after everything. The explosion at the cafe had her feel a bit scared but it also made her brave by staying their longer until she finished the entire diary, and until she didn’t give Muhammed’s house key back which Len was supposed to give, and she in fact gave it back but to his daughter.        This film gives an insight of the background and how it all started on the events which are occurring today. The film is a 2-in-1, having two different stories being played in one film. To me it seemed that the flashbacks were portrayed as a pro-Palestine view whilst the present day was more of a pro-Israel view. The reason is because, during the events in the flashbacks, it was mostly shown that the Jews would cause all the trouble with the bombing of the King David Hotel, retaliation of the Jews to the demolition of Arab homes and killing of Arabs. In the present day, it shows how the minds of the Jews is anti-Arab in a way, not even considering if they are Muslims or Christians, just Arabs as a whole, with Eliza’s mother claiming them to be animals after the bombing of the cafe and Paul quoting what his father said to him ” look at what they have done to their land and look at what we have achieved”. In my perspective of what Kosminsky was trying to achieve through this film has been achieved. He was portraying the events which people would normally not want to recall and tell others about. It is a great film to watch and to learn about the history of places we do not have much information about except through what the media tells us.