The Reluctant Fundalmentalist Essay

* Nostalgic? – The continuous reference to the past and his life in the U. S. Changez tells the American about Princeton and Underwood and Samson. * Thriller? – There is a sense of Changez isn’t who he says he is. He portrays a rather innocent, friendly man, but the way he approached the American and singled him out raised the question is he trustworthy?. Hamids’ decision as an author to write the novel as a monologue contributes to this feeling. Characterisation – what type of character do we have in TRF? Stereotypes?

How does the author want us to feel about particular characters? Do we get to know them? * I wouldn’t call Changez a “stereotypical” Pakistani. He comes from a wealthy background, (even though he requires a scholarship) and goes to study in U. S, which requires you to be the best of the best. As a reader you like him as he seems innocent and genuine. * We learn a lot about him in the opening chp. Education ; job ; Family; status. * The American is a vague character. The reader is given his role. We bring our own prejudgments and prejudices to this character.

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A very intelligent move of Hamid. Although the text supports them “mission”; “bearing” ;Certain “type” . Setting * Set in the Old District of Anarkali, (present day), which is immediately established. * Known as an area where Islamic fundamentalist reside. Suggests something to happen. Point of View * From the point of view of Changez only. He is the narrator and story of his life. Narrative Technique * Written as a monologue with the use of long sentences, rhetorical questions. * A loose conversational style. (though he speaks well)