The Playstation 4 What to Expect Essay

The Play Station 4 is expected to be released around November but theirs is just two problems.. No one really knows what the PS4 is going to look like or exactly how much it’s going to cost but what we do know is some of the new features it’s going to possess. There are going to be many minor changes to the consol but probably one of the more noticeable changes will be the controller. The controller will look similar to its predecessor but there will be some changes to it.

Like, one of the changes to the controller will be that the knobs on the left and right parts of the controller (where you put your thumbs) will no longer stick outwards but it will be sunk in so that your thumb will now have a snug fit in it and it will no longer slip out of place. To people that have never played the PS3 obviously don’t know how big of an issue this really is. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been scored on in FIFA 13 because my thumb slipped off the knob so that my opponent had a goal scoring opportunity which they would take advantage of.

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I also cannot say how much I have raged in a COD match because my guy stopped turning and I didn’t see the guy that snuck up behind me with an OP SMG with rapid fire and a target fire, light my ass up. SO this little improvement will definitely improve your gaming more than you think. Another add-on that was put on the controller is definitely more noticeable, it’s the touch pad that covers 3/4 ‘s of the middle part of the device. I’m sure that this feature will be used for certain strategic game that requires the human touch in order to interact with the game scenario. Ano