The plan products to meet their requirements

The conversation was quite interesting between three experts. Scott D. Anthony is the Managing Partner of Innosight, Bruce brown is the chief technology officer of P&G, and then Erich Joachimsthaler Vivaldi partners CEO.After watching the video, I came to the conclusion that I am agree with Bruce and Erich. Although all of them had very strong point of view regarding ”where to win in emerging markets”. But as Scot D. Anthony said that ”Middle class has huge potential of growth, we need to only recognize the needs and build the business model accordingly” and somehow he had very strong point about this that as by 2030 the middle-class rate will increase by 1.2 billion but still my point of view is that we cannot only enter any market on the basis of class because only class could not give the perfect information to make any proper strategy. And moreover  middle-class has quite simple wish that earn enough to complete your needs. So if we go for finding the needs and desires of people and then make a strategy and product accordingly that how to complete their needs and satisfy their desires. Somehow targeting middle-class may give you high profit as they accept innovation quickly in order to maintain their status in society. but as ERIC JOACHIMSTHALER and BRUCE BROWN that we do not have the same view of the middle class all over the world. “middle class” isn’t any  suitable word if there is anyone who has a great income but still wish to save money by purchasing a low-cost product of good quality. Therefore, one don’t have to target the middle-class only, you should target customer’s passions, feelings, wants, needs and desires. As Bruce stated that “look deeply to their needs, wants and desires, also, we need to look at their incomes how much they can afford and how to gain maximum profits by giving them satisfaction”. Therefore plan products to meet their requirements because if we start targeting a class we will be mixed with their conditions which could be different from one another but if we plan goods by keeping in mind that their needs and desires, so that would be more profitable and customers will buy it more.